The Vijnana-bhairava Yoga Meditation Techniques

Another great book of Home Study for  yoga meditation techniques you can practice is the Vijnana-bhairava, which contains 112 meditation methods. It comes from the non-dual school of Kashmir Shaivism of India.

Just a few of the many translations readily available:


Doctrine of Recognition

The Yoga of Delight Wonder and Astonishment

This book is like a Rosetta stone of all sorts of meditation methods to help you attain a direct realization of emptiness. Practice the techniques and you’ll experience what ALL religions want you to experience as THE foundational spiritual state. The book explains how and why they work, though of course the descriptions and commentary are couched in the terms of Shaivism. Shaivism is a tantric school of consciousness cultivation in India that developed  with Buddhist and Islamic influences. 

Now here’s the cool thing….

You’ll find many of the same practices used in Shaivism as you will in Esoteric Christianity, Esoteric Buddhism, yoga, Western alchemy, Taoism, Hinduism and so on.

Are the methods FUNDAMENTALLY different?

Only the most perverse form of intellectual dishonesty can make you say YES. For the methods are just various non-sectarian, non-denominational expedient means to help you gain insight into the real meaning of emptiness…


…and then explained with the dogmas, teachings, lingo or whatever of that particular religion or path. The dishonest will point to THEIR religion as being different, but they’ll use the same basic techniques which work because of   the same underlying principles.

Progress in spiritual cultivation, you see, is a science. That’s why we call it the science of life, or human being science. This is the highest science and calling, because it leads to the Tao and ultimate freedom int he realm of interdependent origination. But you have to get there to understand that and prove it.


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