How to Heal Your Knees of Martial Arts Damage

Martial artists tend to hurt their knees from all sorts of reasons. They kick and over-extend their joints, they get kicked in those joints, they do all sorts of things to destroy the knee joints.

Plenty of bodyworkers tell me about this. Martial artists know it, too.

So what can you do?

The first is bodywork. I once met a Chinese doctor in Hong Kong who would straighten your knee, push up the knee cap and rotate it several times with his fingers to loosen the tendons in the area. Next he then let his fingers slip down right between the two joints after which he would use his two fingers to push in the knee disc with force, expelling his breath all the while. He was actually pushing in the disc between the joints and realigning them. After done, I would see miracles in his office.

People who could not bend their bodies could now touch the floor with their hands...instantly. Pigeon-toedness disappeared. He could even reset the bones in the hand, wrist, elbow and feet.

This guy saved hundreds of people from knee surgery with less than one minute of pushing. Unfortunately, I've never seen his method practiced in the US, and he told me it took years of training to develop the strength to realign the joint again. Unfortunately he moves around a lot so it's hard to give a stable address; his name, Chang Shifu.

This traditional Chinese doctor in Hong Kong shows how it’s done.


Here he is resetting my finger and hand bones:


The next method is the use of supplements - glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. These supplements can actually regrow the cartilage in your joints. Doctors won't tell you this but it's true.

Of course MSM helps, too, and I've even heard of colloidal silica helping. When dogs have arthritis (see Dog Arthritis Secrets) they take an alternative supplement called DPG that's made from Australian herbs.

Acupuncture can also help with pain in the knee, but we're talking about fixing the problem and when the joints are destroyed they need to be rebuilt. The first answer -- bodywork to get the disc back in place and the second, supplements.

You can also undergo Prolotherapy and have these supplements injected directly into your joints, with the idea that joint nutrients injected directly into the area will help it regrow. On this therapy I have no experience, but it's another one you can check into as I've heard great results from Prolotherapy.

Why all this emphasis? Because martial artists, especially those studying the hard martial arts such as Judo and Karate, usually mess up their joints and no one tells them how to help the situation until too much damage has been done. The best cure is prevention by not overextending your joints in the first place but if you've already suffered damage, I hope these pointers will help.


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