The Importance of Accumulating Merit for the Spiritual Path

In "White Fat Cow," I also tell people to chip away at generating merit whenever possible, and one of the things I mention in the book is to be ACTIVE, and to notify your congressman or senators that you don't like particular bills that are being proposed. That way you share in the merit of sponsoring a great bill or crushing a lousy bill.

"Who has time for making phone calls and writing letters nowadays?" is what I always hear, and no one wants to pay for a 37 cent stamp. So people usually po-pooh THAT idea.

Well, I solve part of that problem by subscribing to Health Action Alert and  Costs nothing, takes 1-minute, and you can STOP something bad from becoming law with the click of a button.

Neither of these two organizations bombard me with emails, but every now and then they do send me email notification of some important but crazy bill ready to pass in Congress. All I have to do (after I set things up once) is click a SEND button when the email comes, IF I WANT, and off goes an email letter to my Congressman and Senators telling them to oppose the bill.

Of course, I only send the letter if I agree. 

Some of the things I recently opposed  was a bill that would restrict yours and my access to vitamin supplements, and another bill that would expand oil drilling in a national park I favored.

It took a total of about 15 second each time!

It's up to you whether you want to support or not support a bill, but just taking that 15 seconds to read and click is one way to participate in merit-making.

So if you're looking for a way to help prevent a further decline of the world because of money interests and generate merit at the same time, effortlessly, then get on those lists. They won't bombard you with emails and it's the modern way to have your voice heard.


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