How to Print Out Ebooks

People often tell me that they like to print out their ebooks, but wish there was a faster way than tying up their computer printer.

What's great about ebooks to begin with is the instant delivery, which means instant gratification. It means you can get the information no matter where you are in the world, and there's no waiting for snail mail postal delivery. There's also no risk of products damaged or lost in the mail, you can share the information with friends, and you get the product at a lower price since there is less overhead in production costs and inventory.

To be frank, if we didn't have ebook publishing today, you wouldn't see much of the information that's available in them. Specialized info on how to lower the taxes on your house, how to beat a speeding ticket, what to do if you're in a lawsuit and so forth just wouldn't see the light of day.

Nevertheless, some people don't like storing their ebooks on computer but want to print them out to read them. But they hate going to the local Kinkos or photocopy shop or tying up their

Now there is a solution. If you go to or, you can print out your ebook at a very reasonable price and have it delivered to your door. I actually use this all the time for ebooks that I REALLY want hard copies of. Most ebooks I buy I read on the computer and then just store away but the REALLY important ones I print out.

Personally, I haven't tried yet but like the very high quality of the output, which is clearer than my own laser printer or even my local photocopy shop! Gorgeous!. The quality of blew me away the first time I tried them. They often have a free trial on their homepage, so often you can take an ebook you have on your computer and get it printed and shipped to you for free. is a bit cheaper with far less options than, so you can check them out also. 

Don't bombard me with questions on these services -- check them out yourself. I'm just letting you know they are there. And if that's a problem still, just send your ebooks to your friends and ASK THEM to print them for you!





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