"My Voice Will Go With You" by Milton Erickson (A Father of NLP) ...This Guy Could Have Been a Zen Master

Every now and then I read a book outside the field of spirituality that strikes me, and "My Voice Will Go With You" by Milton Erickson

Erickson was one of the founders of NLP, or neurolinguistic programming. Lots of people use NLP to understand other people and establish rapport in the fields of sales, persuasion, negotiating and so on.

But that's not why I'm writing.

When you read "My Voice Will Go WIth You", it's about a series of patients and their stories and how Erickson would get them to break through their mental habits and barriers -- in all sorts of unusual ways -- in order to make those people "wake up" and change their lives.

An ordinary person could never bring about the changes that Erickson accomplished but a Zen master, with high wisdom and spiritual energy, could. When I read this I think of Zen master stories of old.

When you read these stories, you quickly realize that most people do not have the openness and wisdom to accept Erickson's unusual methods, or even understand them, because they lack WISDOM. If a Zen master tried them today -- outside the monastery environment with lawsuit prone Americans -- he'd get clobbered so there's almost nothing you can do to make people wake up.

Reading this book just makes me amazed at this man's wisdom and I only feel great sorrow inside because this man could perhaps have become a great spiritual master had he trained in meditation.

Read the book, think about the fact that many normal looking people ARE running around with mental problems like Erickson encountered, marvel at this therapies and the explanations as to why they worked, and then ponder whether ordinary people have such wisdom.

If ordinary people do not have enough wisdom to understand these ordinary things, how can they possible understand the spiritual path correctly? That's why I spend so much effort posting these articles because if you are not oriented correctly you will not get results.

Anyway, enjoy Milton Erickson. Fascinating, marvelous stuff. Too bad ... could have been a Zen master!

Why Zen? Because Zen does not use any formal, specific technique but just adapts to the situation and uses what works.

If you don't have spiritual power yourself don't try these things, but you can read them and enjoy.



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