How to Study History

People sometimes ask me how to study history, and I always advise them to pay particular attention to studying the policies and management and results of ancient empires. There are several in particular to study: Roman, Byzantium, Chinese, Assyrian. 

Yes study modern and medieval history — that’s easy — but particularly study the rulership policies and results of empires.

Unfortunately, there are  no good records for studying Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian and several other great empires that no longer exist. People always focus on just the Roman or just the Chinese empires, but you should study both along with Byzantium and Assyrian. For a time, the Assyrians were world leaders and many of their policy results provide  insights to today’s world.

Now, here are some books and authors of use for Roman study: Herodotus, Thucydides and Tacitus and Gibbons. For Chinese history, Records of the Historian, and various other texts, especially texts by sages. For Byzantium, Assyrian and other studies, you have to turn to modern scholarship.

What your really want to study are WISDOM works by sages discussing policies, the flow of yin to yang and yang to yin, and thereby learn wisdom and the REAL results of policies — the unintended (but intended) effects that accumulate unseen like compound interest.  The idea of putting all your banking records on a chip and embedding it in you is one such policy you’ll eventually see that has the ultimate purpose of controlling you — you disagree with the government and they just turn off your chip and your access to money and the ability to buy anything. Cattle are chipped; human beings should not be despite any reasons you can think of as to the "benefits". Ridiculous.

If you accept chips or tagging in any way, you’ll suffer the same poor fate the of Israelites who become slaves to their Egyptian taskmasters for survival purposes, or the evil fate of the Jews in Germany who were marked by the Nazis for prison camps and the like. Atrocity! Power corrupts … what seems innocent will eventually be used against you, for sure. The only cure is the prevention of never letting it start. Someone always comes along who subverts the system, the proof being the present, and keeps everyone under wraps through fear of reprisals. Don’t let it happen by not letting it start. Wisdom teaches you to squash things in the bud before they even start.

Additionally, by the way, you don’t want ANY foreign body embedded in your body (pins, plates, chips, etc) because you CANNOT transform them, and you HAVE to transform your whole body through spiritual practice. My teacher was always worried about real cultivators who needed an operation worrying they’d leave in pinsm screws, plates  and so forth in the body, because these are an impediment to spiritual practice for the REAL CULTIVATORS you cannot overcome. I remember the first time I met him he was very worried I might have had an operation in the past wherein they might have used surgical pins or whatever, because you cannot and should not leave them in the body if you want to succeed at spiritual cultivation and he wanted me sto succeed. They are not your physical body, so you cannot transform them no matter what meditation technique or spiritual practice you undertake.

So for religious religions, no one should never let a chip be embedded in them. No matter how many reasons they can think of — "you’ll always know where your kids are," "no identity theft," "anti-terrorism " [another big lie], "anti-drug money prevention," "convenient access to your money," "we’ll keep your records private," "no one can rob  you," "we’ll give you accounting so you have control over your life," "we have to do this because there’s no toher way" –there is NO good reason, and you know that in better words than I can ever say. If you DON’T WANT IT TO EVER HAPPEN, you should wax eloquent yourself on this in blogs, Congress, everywhere and never let the sfrist steps happen!


To illustrate wisdom planning, as the Aaron Russo - Rockefeller video just showed, the reason the Rockefeller Foundation supported the woman’s liberation movement was two-fold (it was NOT for woman’s rights!): so that there was a second person to tax, and so that kids could be indoctrinated earlier in life to start thinking of the state as their parent. It was designed to have subsequent generations start thinking of the state as their family…something that interestingly enough, my teacher Master Nan often said would  probably happen - people would have babies and then just give them up to the state to take care of because of how they’re training people to think.

Only a wisdom view can think up with such strategies in the first place. I’m not saying this was moral, I’m just saying open your eyes. The motivation is actually deplorable, and if it was designed a different way, a different outcome more beneficial could be achieved. Watch the Aaron Russo video….one of the best in a LONG TIME I’ve seen and it’s instructive on what I’m always stressing if you want to learn cultivation. You need to learn wisdom.

Another unrelated instance just to illustrate this sort of wisdom planning, when the Chinese Emperor wanted to control Tibet, reports came back of all sorts of strange sexual practices  in the country because of the practice of tantra, which were creating social problems in the relationships between people. Rather than outlaw it, the Chinese Emperor said, " Leave it alone. They will weaken themselves this way which will make them easier to control." That, my friends, is a wisdom view.

When the US government forbid welfare payments to women if there was a man in the house, it destroyed black families and led to more illegitimate kids, destroying the fabric of families. And today — the championing of condom usage everywhere (despite the good intentions) will basically  lead to a DRAMATIC increase in the sexual promiscuity of both sexes and a further breakdown of marital relations as well. 

In essence, you’re training both partners that sex has no consequences, no commitments and a variety of things which weaken the marriage bond in so many ways…I’ll leave you to exercise your wisdom muscles here. 

And by the way, don’t misinterpet any of this as me promoting or not promoting these policies — I’m only enlightening you as to how to think because the planners BEHIND them do think this way. Only the unthinking public is fooled by great PR campaigns and talking heads who push the "good aspects" without mentioning the ultimate bad consequences that will invariably accumulate over time, like compound interest.

These are all Taoist type strategies that people institute, without the public realizing the REAL aims or objectives or results, in order to control things and accomplish social engineering. The British are the best in the world at this. The problem is, it’s always done for NEGATIVE PURPOSES instead of positive purposes. Chinese strategy books are the best guides for teaching how this can be done for positive purposes, such as building up a state.

Sages propose remedies and policies only for positive purposes, positive targets, stronger people and stronger countries, like my Kuan Tzu book on how to turn a state into a superpower. People all focus on Sun Tzu … silly! He was a mere tactician, whereas Kuan Tzu was a strategist and teaches EXACTLY what we are referencing here. So did the Yellow Stone Master.

Conclusion, or caveat: Beware people who institute policies saying its for reason XX when the real eventual result is reason YY. Wisdom will teach you this, but a simplistic intelligence view of the matter won’t.

Study history.  And on that note, study what's about to happen, such as the following ...


I always teach you to stretch your wisdom muscles and realize how the world really works, rather than simply swallow the hollow words of established powers and talking heads who know nothing, but get paid for making sure you continue in ignorance. Mostly I show you how this applies to the realm of spiritual cultivation, which explains people’s lack of progress even though they want it (othewise why WOULD you continue going to church every Sunday, etc.). However, every now and then I comment on real world affairs just as my own teacher would do in order to teach people and awaken their wisdom. That’s why I encourage people to read and study history.

This video was just sent to me and falls into this category. Boy is it  worth the watch — especially the part about the Rockefellers. Watch the video at the bottom of the page….as the individual wrote who sent it to me, "It’s worth your time."

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This is all 100% true. Just examine the evidence, connect the dots and think for yourself. I’ve known all this for a long time, but have you? If not, where have you been? Understanding such things is the beginning of wisdom. Freedom is what spiritual cultivation is supposed to give you, but how can you get it if …


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