We're a Publishing Company, We Have Costs, and So Ebooks Cost Money

Some people have asked why the How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization manual costs $100.

Plain and simple, it's cheap ... and we'll probably raise prices soon.

We are publishers and have expenses. P-U-B-L-I-S-H-E-R-S. Therefore we have costs to be covered. Websites, autoresponders, graphic artists, etc. all cost money as they do for any publisher. Even Bible publishers have to cover their costs, and they don't do it from donations. yes, even Bibles are not free...someone has to pay. And the same goes for any published materials.

Consider that the appendix alone for the Measuring Meditation manual cost nearly $6,000 in translation fees while various editing fees make that total head skywards! The typical publishing mark-ups for a manual of this size would price it -- without regards to the value of the contents -- at about $270-350.

Now consider what it costs to produce such a manual just from the information gathering standpoint alone.

A typical 3-week trip to hear Master Nan in Asia costs me about $2,000-3,000 in just travel expenses, and if you spent that money you would not get even a fraction of this information in that time. He wouldn't even talk to you about such high level subjects at all. You're putting 10-20 years of waiting behind you.

Perhaps - if you were lucky - you might get a single lesson on some subject over 7-12 days. In How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization there are hundreds of rare lessons that haven't even been published in Chinese.

You're getting them first, but it costs money to produce them.

I have lots of expensive courses, tape sets and videos at home. I have a book in my library that cost me $345 and it was a bargain at that price ... because what I learned from it was worth several times that amount. Several months back I downloaded an ebook from the web for a few hundred dollars that was worth several times that amount.

The cost in terms of value for How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization, and for all our books, is far far greater than anything else you can find on the market. See for yourself. Plus, who else gives you a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied?

These materials on how to identify the stages of cultivation, how to cultivate meditation PROPERLY, how to adjust your practice, what's really important, and how to enter the higher spiritual realms and dozens of other topics are definitely worth the price of two good dinners. Frankly, if you read them -- al the materials we offer -- and don't think that, I don't want your money. I don't want you as as a customer. Demand your money back!

This material is absolutely PRICELESS. It took years to produce -- dozens of translators, editors, typists, collators ... you name it.

I even post much of it for FREE so you can check it out first, though of course the really good stuff is reserved INSIDE THOSE BOOKS for the people who really want the information. They know what's valuable and how much money they're saving in getting this information -- CORRECT information, mind you -- in one place.

Frankly, we're publishers ... that's how we make money and try to cover costs. But even there ...besides the FREE samples I offer, I go another step further and offer a full GUARANTEE which is as good as it gets. Like I said, just email me for a refund and you'll not only get all your money back but will still be able to keep the ebook for your troubles !

Amazon.com doesn't even do that, so you have nothing -- absolutely nothing to lose.


The $100,000 Seminar in a Book

What I'm saying applies to all our products but look what this particular ebook course contains.

This samadhi material for MEASURING alone is compiled from dozens (not two dozen or three dozen but lots more!) of lectures on the samadhi realms and how to cultivate samadhi.

Imagine how much time and energy and money you would spend to be able to go off to Asia and sit for a few months where you would hear just a small fraction this material ... that is, if you were lucky enough to be present for a lesson. Now you have the chance to eavesdrop on lessons that you just wouldn't be privy to otherwise, and which are only transmitted from master to pupil.

This book is far past the equivalent of a Master's degree in cultivation and costs far, far less than one college credit. One college credit! The STAGES course, as another instance, is like several semesters of professional courses and doesn't even cost a single Ivy credit either.

Just read the FREE download of Chapter 4 and sections posted on samadhi on the Articles page to judge for yourself the quality of the MEASURING materials, and then multiply the value of those contents by 14 to account for the other chapters you're not reading. You decide on the value. Download the second lesson from STAGES, and already you're way ahead of all the people out there who think they know something about Taoism but never succeed at anything in their cultivation life.


What Customers Say

Customers who read my books write me emails telling me

[1] they get many multitudes more than their money in terms of value received,

[2] they're so happy to finally get their hands on this rare material (think how hard it is for us to produce it since it takes so many years to translate and compile stuff) because they cannot find it anywhere else,

[3] they wish they had had it much earlier when they initially got started investigating the road of spiritual practice because they recognize it would have saved them countless suffering, wasted money and time.

[4] that after reading these materials they SAVE LOTS OF MONEY because they get everything in one place and they're no longer interested in jumping from here to there anymore. Plenty of people tell me they cannot put a value on that -- it's priceless! Peace of mind, having the answers you want, finally knowing the nondenominational path is priceless.

Hence I will leave you with a final quote from the frontis piece of How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization, which is information-rich like our Stages Course:

Top Shape Publishing products have a very distinctive style. They are always cutting edge, and reveal revolutionary information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. They are oriented to the practical and pragmatic, and stress the proof of experience over fine sounding theories. They question any blind reference to the standard way of looking at things when traditional explanations are inadequate. In other words, they stress what works and offer explanations that encompass anomalies.

Top Shape products are typically content heavy and therefore a tremendous bargain of value. They are consistently packed with so much useful or hard to find information that one Top Shape production is usually equivalent to buying dozens of similar individual titles.

Top Shape Publishing titles are also known for their integrative style, for they strive to weld together information from a variety of different fields into one seamless, coherent whole. They often reveal new paradigms, and commonly advise researchers on the most promising investigative directions that can spawn groundbreaking developments. In all cases, they emphasize the most effective broad spectrum solutions that promise the biggest bang for the buck, and which will, in a safe way, simultaneously solve a multitude of related problems rather than just a single issue of focus. They promote the common theme that you can always change a situation for the better, and teach you how to take current situations, of whatever type, and transform them into more auspicious circumstances.

Top Shape products are upbeat, inspirational and motivational in their guidance and training style, and encourage people to work towards improving themselves and their communities by cultivating a "top shape" condition in their physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, political and business arenas.

That's my promise to you. That's my guarantee. See for yourself as the risk is on us, not you.

Good luck with your cultivation, and think about putting some more energy into your cultivation rather than that new car or stereo.



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