Astrocartography Before You Move Your Home

One of the biggest decisions in your life is whether to move to a new location ... and where? This isn't a trivial decision. When you calculate the cost of housing and the income potential or lack thereof, we're talking about a decision potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. This isn't even taking into account quality of life and just whether you like the place or not. If you dislike an envirnment, living there can be sheer hell no matter how much money you'll make.

So what help can anyone give you to help you decide whether to move to some location or not? Maybe you're looking for higher income, or love, or career advancements, or whatever.

First move, go to and buy the Fortune Hunters chart for $50: > Free Chart Services > Free Software Services > Fortune Hunters

Go ahead and look at it now.

If you have a blank slate of opportunities such that you can move anywhere, the second step is to try It'll help you narrow down the list of US cities that might fit the bill as to your perfect locatioon. Cost? Nothing.

Okay, you've done your homework with steps one and two, just given. Now the piece de resistance. Go get a astrolocality or relocation reading by Julian Lee at and find out what it will be like living in the location of your choice -- income, neighbors, love life, career, etc. Have no spot in mind? Just ask Julian to search for one for you. Tell him what you want and let him do the searching.

If you have a million dollar move and you don't invest the total of $300 before making such a move, what can I say? Use the esoteric sciences to help. Don't necessarily trust them, but use them as a extra data point in your decision process. These are valid, these can be quite helpful. Now you know where to go:

1. > Free Chart Services > Free Software Services > Fortune Hunters


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