The Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods and Supplements

What foods do you eat to live longer?

I cover this in Meditation for Beautiful Skin, but here’s a short addition to that ebook (which contains several  meditation techniques with instructions).

Dr. David Williams cracked one of the secrets when he realized that most of the miracle foods touted for health claims and antiaging effects  - the top 10 are spirulina, chlorella, brewer’s yeast, lentils and most beans, oysters, animal liver, sardines, anchovies and mackerel - were either nutrient dense or foods with an extremely high concentrations of nucleotides.

Nucleotides are the building blocks or sub-unit molecules that make up RNA and DNA, which carry your genetic code. Nucleotides also carry out several essential functions needed for cell replication and perform the following functions in your body:

* Neutralize toxins
* Increase cellular metabolism
* Increase the production of cellular energy
* Improve the response and efficiency of the immune system
* Enhance the effects of antioxidants
* Increase the body’s ability to heal and repair itself

The just cited "miracle" foods are so useful in treating cancer, anti-aging and cellular repair — and have achieved fantastic reputations over the years as cures in themselves (especially chlorella, spirulina, Brewer’s yeast, and liver) - precisely because they supply highly absorbable amounts of nucleotides for cellular repair.

When I worked in a health food store in the 70’s, I can remember all the hype about these foods when they came out in supplement form  (along with wheat germ, natural honey and  bee pollen), and now I know why they work  so well.

Juicing creates the same sort of high density nutrients in highly absorbable form, which is why juicing eventually produces beautiful skin and why physicians tell me that the women who juice a lot tend to look years younger than their peers. Doctors always seem to notice this and tell me about it, yet juicing is troublesome for a lot of people (it’s too cold for their bodies or too expensive) and cleaning those juicers is a hassle.

Therefore,  you might  consider eating more of these other anti-aging foods in the diet because they will also contribute to creating healthy cells and cellular repair, i.e. anti-aging benefits. You’re giving your body foods that are already reduced to the most absorbable form possible, which is why they work. AFter all, as we get older, our digestive and absorptive abilities decrease.

So if you want to encourage RNA/DNA repair that makes you fit and trim, include foods in your diet that contain abundant levels — and I mean really abundant levels — of nucleotides since they are the building blocks from which your body builds DNA and RNA.

So what are some of the best supplements along these lines?

1) Yeast - EpiCor

2) Green powders - almost any will do (Emerald Greens, Greens+, ProGreens, etc.) … I suggest rotating them rather than settling on just one green powder. And you can save money by avoiding expensive brand names. The key is to buy powders that are fresh and have multiple ingredients.

A related useful product — StemTech Health (               888-783-6832        ) makes a super-great stem cell enhancing  product which I highly recommend called Stem Enhance; I had to become a distributor to buy itcheaply for friends who all rave about it.  It’s a patented extract of Klamath Lake blue-green algae and is designed by stem cell research scientists to increase the circulating blood levels of adult stem cells which help repair the body where you need it.

Other algae, spirulina, and chlorella products are great, too. Why? Because the products are  easily digestible and thus highly absorbable.

Incidentally, this is why wheat / gluten flour products make you fat so quickly. You grind wheat grains up into tiny pieces, which we buy as wheat flour, bake that fine grain wheat flour into products, and when you digest that wheat flour food, the small particles are so small (already pre-ground) that they don’t need much digestion but are easily / rapidly turned into sugar (glucose) in the body, spiking your blood sugar, and easily get stored as fat. That’s why taking people off grains (flour, gluten products) almost always causes them to lose weight. Some people are allergic to grains as well.

3) Bragg’s liquid amino acids - same story - the amino acids are sold in a form readily available for digestion and absorption.

4) Dr. Julian Whitaker just wrote about Aminocare, which contains amino acid derivatives and helps prevent cancer. I don’t have any experience with this product and will have to check it out. I spend hundreds if not thousands every year checking out new supplements and letting you know so you don’t have to watse your own money. Most never pass…

Of course I could report on all sorts of other anti-aging foods, techniques and methods - Linus Pauling’s daily 8 grams of vitamin C with proline/lysine cofactors, individuals eating a handful of pancreatic enzymes on a daily basis, carnosine supplements, resveratrol, he she wu and so forth.

Basically, it seems one of  the keys is ease of absorbability of nutrient dense foods. Perhaps that’s why SeaCure, the predigested fish protein, is so beneficial to cancer patients and helps them avoid bad reactions to chemotherapy. Nutrient dense, highly absorbable food.

So for yeast - EpiCor.

For greens - any good green powder you like…. and think about StemEnhance for the stem cell rejuvenating effects (you’ll usually feel a slight ephoria or uplift for about 4-6 months after starting on it).

For amino acids - Braggs, aminocare, etc.

 Fish? Anchovies, mackerel (great brain food) and sardines…. and of course, liver.


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