Here's 10 things You Can Do to Detoxify Your Body for Spiritual Practice

When Larry opened my closet he laughed. Jasmine, on the other hand, screamed.

What was the big deal? -- It was jam-packed bursting at the seams with all sorts of nutritional supplements and Chinese medicines.

You see, I'm certified as a practicing nutritionist and even though I don't do anything commercial in that area, I still buy thousands of dollars of supplements every year to help friends and family get over their health problems.

That explains my closet, but if you think I'm bad you should see my teacher's closets -- he's got at least 10 of them filled with far more than I can ever carry in a lifetime.

What's the importance of this stuff on the spiritual trail? Simple -- your physical body is not you, and it gets sick. Meditation does not cure everything, so to help adjust the body it is wise and proper to turn to all sorts of natural medicines. Using them is just applying wisdom to help the process of adjustment.

Notice I used the words "natural medicines" rather than pharmaceuticals. Yes indeed I use pharmaceutical drugs when I need to ... and so should you because they can save your life. But, for regular ordinary things you'll find that Chinese medicine, homeopathy, western herbs, minerals and other supplements can do wonders.

As a human being, it's wise to learn something about all these alternatives rather than simply listen to a doctor. The internet is empowering because everything is at your fingertips. I had to buy hundreds of books and newsletters -- at a significant cost -- to get started and keep up in this field but you get a good portion of it for free.

Now you don't have to become an expert in these fields but 100 to 200 years ago, everyone knew what they had to in order to stay healthy and alive. They knew what herbs worked, and how you should prepare them and use them. Today you need to know what to buy, and who to buy it from to make sure it's a decent product. In other words, you need to know a little bit of science to make sure you;re not being cheated.

When it comes to the spiritual trail, the big thing to know is that it does indeed involve purifying your physical body. It involves a process of transformation that various spiritual schools call "purifying the five elements," and this process can go slowly or quickly depending upon how you prepare for it. Even if you ate a 100% natural foods diet, you'd still have to go through a stage of purification just as the ancient yogis, Zen masters, Taoists and Christian saints did. You see, the stages of purification along with their sequence and process are a nondenominational affair.

The question arises, is there some way to help clean out this big bag of filth we call our body so that all your spiritual energies, at the initial stages of the path, don't have to be wasted because they're preoccupied with cleaning out this cesspool?

There sure is. Here's a few things you can do to help detoxify your body for the spiritual path:

One: If you want to clean your arteries, there's two things that are a problem. First, the deposits on your arterial walls. Second, all sorts of blood clots and occlusions in those veins and arteries.

The use of nattokinase will get rid of blood clots, various nutritional factors will get rid of the glue that binds cholesterol to arterial walls (anti-homocysteine factors) and colloidal copper will soften arterial walls.

Breathing exercises also do wonders for helping circulation, as do supplements like Adaptrin. Breathing exercises are always a great helpmate on the path. Even martial artists find their practice always improves when they start breathing exercises.

Two: To clean your blood, you have to first clean your liver, which is your body's main blood filtering mechanism. You can clean your liver through liver flushes and through various Chinese dredging herbs, or even through western herbal combinations and various nutritional supplements. A homeopathic like apo-Hepat can also help push the liver to start excreting toxins. There's a substance called Vitalzym that eats away scar tissues in your body and cleans your blood like Wobenzyme, too.

Frankly, cleaning the liver is rather easy compared to other organs because of the speed with which liver cells rapidly regenerate.

Three: How about the kidneys? You can clean them using the homeopathic Renelux and by doing kidney flushes. Just a class of water with lemon juice every day can do wonders for the kidneys.

For the lymph channels, exercise is your best bet. Yes, there are herbs for cleaning the lymph channels but exercise and bodywork such as lymph drainage massage are what I'd recommend. In fact, every woman should undergo lymph drainage bodywork as a great way to help prevent breast cancer. All in all, however, after your lymph channels have been unwound, exercise is the best way to keep your lymph flowing.

The Brain. Basically you want to increase blood flow to the brain, and all the arterial cleansing routines help accomplish this. But what about something like a brain tumor? Guess what ... colloidal platinum has been known to work!

All the herbs like gingko for the brain simply act as mechanisms to open up the tiny capillaries in the head to promote blood flow. Yoga head stands do the same, and so does meditation as well.

The intestines. Colonics, special constipation herbs, glutamine, and anti-candida protocols can all play a part in bringing your intestines to tiptop shape. On the road to cultivation it takes years to transform the intestines fully.

There are lots of routines nutritionists and naturopaths have developed to help rid your body of toxic, heavy metals. Rather than do this one yourself, read about it on the internet, but then go to a health care professional to have it done.

The first step they'll put you through is a hair analysis to show you what's in the body and must be removed. Pay particular attention to mercury if you are a dentist. I cannot tell you the number of retired dentists I know who develop neurological problems like Alzheimer's disease. Better start cleaning that stuff out early rather than let it build up all the years and do its damage.

Your fat cells are where your body stores the toxins it cannot get rid of through the feces and urine. It just packs them in there. So how do you get rid of them? The best bet is to sweat them out using an far infrared sauna along with various detox cocktails that contain glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and vitamin C.

As to keeping your body clean, the big thing to do is change the diet. I'm not going to tell you what you should eat but rather, what you should avoid. Sugar is a perfect example -- it lowers the immune system, causes you to gain weight, messes up your moods and contributes to diabetes. Grains have similar effects.

Then again, maybe they're not such a big problem for you. How do you know?

The best advice anyone can give you is to take a special blood test that definitively identifies the foods that your body doesn't like. This is probably the one thing you can do that's worth more to your health than a fancy vacation. Immuno Labs is the only lab that anyone trusts for this, and there's a coupon for that test in the following book I'm going to mention.

I forgot juicing. Juicing will help with detoxification, elimination, and digestion. Read all about it on the link.

There's so much more we could mention on this topic. It's a book in itself so that's what I've done ... I've compiled lots of information, including the exact supplements and protocols you should use, in a book especially for you. You can find the details by clicking here.

The big thing is to start cleaning your arteries and blood because those are the first things, along with your chi, that will start transforming on the spiritual path. So give you body a helping hand by doing some of the work yourself. That way, you won't have to waste your spiritual energy -- namely chi energies -- on pushing those things out of the body.

Rather than wax eloquent on the subject in a such short website article, get the whole scoop by checking out What Do You Do to Detox and Purify Your Body to Help Make It Easier to Climb the Path of Spiritual Cultivation? for more details.




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