How and Why the Intestinal Cleanse, Liver and Kidney Detox Can Help Your Health, and Ultimately Your Meditation Practice

What in the world does detoxification and physical cleansing have to do with meditation?

Buddhism and Taoism both compare this physical body of ours to a cesspool when the chi channels haven't opened yet and its chi is not transformed. In fact, in the earliest stages of spiritual cultivation, all your kundalini and spiritual energies are nearly 100% hijacked into having to clean out this filthy physical body of ours. That's why people often experience all sorts of skin reactions, shaking and other detoxification phenomena with meditation. It's actually healing them and cleaning them out from the insides. Meditation is a superior form of physical cleanse.

Basically, the phenomena are related to your chi arising and pushing through the obstructed chi channels and rejuvenating your internal organs. That's why we say cultivation rejuvenates you.

In the earliest stages of cultivation, all your spiritual energies awakened go into pushing out the dirt and filth from inside the body and transforming it. To make this job easier, a wide variety of traditions have come up with all sorts of detoxification protocols. Think about it and you'll see that India and China have them (countries), religions have them, races have them and so on it goes. They all involve various herbal concoctions to clean out the intestines, the liver and the kidneys. If these organs and their meridians are already somewhat clean, your spiritual energies can get to the task of spiritual matters right away. Otherwise your body is in the way.

Today we have even better stuff than what was available in the past! As my teacher says, in the past medicines weren't available, so people on the spiritual path suffered from lack thereof and had fewer mental ills. Today we have far more mental ills and medicines galore. The situation is always that meditation progress is blocked by one pole or the other.

My favorite detoxification package is the liver flush and kidney flush offered by the American Botanical Pharmacy (Dr. Richard Schulze). You can find them on the web. As to whole body purification and detoxification, I like the simple method of taking the detoxification pills produced by the Nature's Pure Body Institute. Those are really killer.... of the tested supplements s out there that supposedly detoxify you, this one comes out on top.

I don't sell any detoxification supplies myself. You have to search the web for them. Frankly, people are so chocked full of poisons that almost any and all the detoxification supplements you can buy through the internet help in one way or another. I've tried dozens over the years and you really want to concentrate on cleaning your liver and intestines; if you're constipated, you want to get the intestines returned to normal which you can do with all sorts of herbal protocols.

The important thing is to get this main point across: your body accumulates all sorts of poisons and toxins as you age. Not only do these contribute to aging, sickness and the outbreak of disease (such as cancer or Alzheimers or heart conditions), but these toxins and poisons and filth represent dirty chi obstructions themselves, and interfere with the smooth flow of your chi. Hence they interfere with your spiritual cultivation. See how it works?

This isn't me making this up. The Hindu yoga schools, Buddhism, Taoism, and even the tantric and esoteric schools all talk about this. Even the prints of medieval alchemy show you that you have to push all the filth out of your body on the road of spiritual practice...and you have to transform, purify and harmonize your chi forces.

Here's my advice in short -- whether or not you want to meditate. I see far too many people each and every year who come to me with diseases that could have been stemmed off or prevented had they done just a little but more detoxification rather than consumption. So here's my advice.

If you want to live longer, feel better, look greater and actually help your meditation, I suggest once a year to do a kidney flush, liver flush and intestinal flush. The web has all sorts of packages available to detox this and that. In my experience, they're mostly all good. Just do something -- ANYTHING -- to clean out your body a little bit each year. Take those steps!!! That's what I do, and you can find out more in our spiritual detoxification instruction manual which lists all sorts of things you can do to rejuvenate yourself.

Cultivation is also about taking care of your body and health, not just spiritual health, so do something about it! To find out how to clean your blood of toxic poisons and create better circulation naturally, click here.



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