Exposure to Radiation or Radioactive Particles? Here's What to Do...

When I was getting my Master's Degree in Clinical Human Nutrition, I swore I would write two books as my contribution to help the country: (1) antibiotic alternatives and (2) what to do if you were ever exposed to radioactive fallout or radioactive particles.


Because they were my way of helping the country. Here's a national imperative, a strategy issue so vital to Homeland Security and the health of the country and nothing is being done one either of these topics. Hundreds of millions are spent every year playing war games, examining disaster scenarios, funding laboratory research, and yet no one hits these issues head on and tries to answer it.

Except for me. I answered them for the nation. I said I WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM even though all these other guys are supposed to, but are skipping the issue entirely.

We all know that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, but the drug companies are doing little to research alternatives they cannot patent. So they keep throwing hundreds of millions of dollars against a strategy that everyone admits will definitely fail in the long run. Stupidity, no? So I wrote a book that helps sufferers know what to do and gives researchers advice on EXACTLY what they should research. This is a gift to the nation if there is such a thing. No one else was doing it, so I stepped in.

As to radioactive exposure, I got sick and tired of the government and Tv shows saying "terrorists this" and "terrorists that" and dirty bombs or nuclear war and so forth. If there ever is a dirty bomb, or exploding atomic power plant, or nuclear war, what are you going to do? You don't need another $100 million spent by the government to tell you that radiation and radioactivity are bad for you and will kill you. That's useless information. You need to know WHAT YOU CAN DO, especially if potassium iodide is not available and even if it is, WHAT DO YOU DO TO GET RID OF THE PARTICLES YOU INGEST.

I spent a great deal of time and research investigating this issue to help the nation, and put all my knowledge in a book, found at RadiationDetox.com . It's the only book of its kind that reviews exactly what to do in case of a radioactive emergency condition or radioactive exposure. I pray that it never happens, but if it does, this is THE ONLY information out there on the topic that will help you. I fulfilled my vow.

So now the point of this article. I just found a great new supplement that will scavenge even radioactive heavy particles out of the body if you ingest them, probably including depleted uranium, and the reason it works is mentioned in my book. The product-"Modifilan Seaweed Extract heavy metal chelator" (Pacific Standard Distributors). This product isn't mentioned in my book but now you know it. If I was worried about depleted uranium dust and was getting shipped off to any area where munitions dust was high, then I'd take this stuff with me because I think it's the best scavenger-chelator around. If not this, then at least chlorella on a daily basis.

If there is ever an emergency, remember this stuff - MODIFILAN. That's my only reason for writing this article, to let you know about its availability....naturally I have nothing to do with the company and don't sell it. As to what it does and how or why, investigate it yourself. A wise person says, "Maybe it works and maybe it doesn't, but if I'm ever exposed, and since this is my own disposable income, and since it only costs about $25, who cares what anyone else says. I'll err on the side of caution."

That, my friend, may lead to a poor choice, but that type of thinking is called WISDOM!


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