Gin and Golden Raisins to Get Rid of Your Finger Arthritis

I come upon quite a few unusual health cures in the line of my work, and one that has an outstanding success rate for all who've tried it and told me about it is eating golden raisins, soaked in gin, for arthritis.

Do you know those arthritis nubs you get at the ends of your fingers? For most people, nothing seems to help. Glucosamine sulfate doesn't help this sort of problem, and cherry juice (for uric acid gout) doesn't seem to help either. The nubs are unsightly and hurt when squeezed, and pharmaceutical do little for this.

Enter yellow raisins. That is, gin soaked yellow raisins. This popular "cure" involves taking a bowl or cup of golden yellow raisins -- the type you buy in stores -- and soaking them in gin for several days until all the gin is absorbed. Just put them in a bowl, buy gin (not vodka, wine, beer or anything else), pour it over the yellow raisins until they're covered, leave them for a few days until the gin is all absorbed, and then eat a spoonful once or twice a day. Just 5-8 (or more if you'd like) raisins a day.

Over the course of weeks, or months, I've seen those nasty nubs disappear. The pain goes away, Creaking in the joints disappears.

How many people have told me this? Probably half a dozen. They didn't believe it either, they tied everything, but this actually worked. My best friend here in the US is 70 years and showed me clear, smooth fingers after 5 months of daily gin soaked golden raisins. I didn't believe it myself unless I had seen it, because he had been plagued by arthritis for years and had tried everything, including unusual Chinese cures.

I sent this out on a email message, and I even got 2 emails back from folks who said they, too, tried everything, didn't think this would work but gave it a shot, and it was the first time they experienced pain free fingers in years.

Try it...or tell your parents to try it. One bottle of gin, one box of golden raisins. What's cheaper than that?


Hi Bill.....I've bought some of your books in the past and enjoy your
emails. But I'm writing to give you a very big thanks for this raisins
and gin arthritis treatment. I thought I would do it for a few laughs as I
didn't see how it would work; but within two days the pain in my hands
went away!!! I'm simply amazed as nothing ever worked for me.

I told my doctor and he said he has been 'brainwashed' by the pharma
industry into thinking that only prescription drugs work. He also said he
is very disturbed at the tv commercials advertising medicines.

But anyway, I thought i would drop you a line and tell you how good i've
been feeling. thanks, Sonny Card

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