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The following chapter is taken from my book Super Cancer Fighters, which reveals the supplements and therapies you pursue do at home when you have cancer such as Limu Juice, Beljanski formulas, coffee enemas, Essiac tea, aloe arborescans, the Matthias Rath protocol and more.

The Beljanski herbal cancer formulas were invented by French-Serbian molecular biologist Mirko Beljanski Ph.D., whose story can be found in various books such as Cancer's Cause, Cancer's Cure by Dr. Morton Walker.

Dr. Walker wrote the following in the introduction to his book on the Beljanski botanical cancer formulas: “I have published ninety-one other books on consumer health, and I believe this book you’re reading, number ninety-two, is my most momentous. I came out of retirement because I know that what Dr. Mirko Beljanski discovered could save millions of lives. His discoveries could put an end to the war on cancer.”

In short, the importance of the Beljanski formulas is not something trivial. These formulas are at the top of the list of supplemental aids to be considered for many cancer patients.

During his 45 years of research, most of which were at the Pasteur Institute in France, Mirko Beljanski meticulously worked to isolate beneficial plant extracts for the treatment of cancer. These extracts, which work by selectively inhibiting the out-of-control replication of cancerous DNA while leaving normal cell DNA replication alone, have successfully reversed all kinds of cancer in Europe for patients at death’s door or have prolonged survival for thousands of cancer patients.

In a tale filled with political intrigue and corruption, the French government seemed to disagree with this for various reasons, and threw him in jail at age 73 while confiscating all his notes and records. This occurred despite the effectiveness of his formulas, including the fact that they were even used by French President Francis Mitterrand.

The specific plant molecules Beljanksi discovered were alkaloid extracts from the African plant Rauwolfia vomitoria and a Brazilian rainforest tree, Pao Pereira. The two alkaloids have been definitively proven to inhibit the growth of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. They kill cancer cells and only cancer cells, and they don’t produce any inappropriate side effects at therapeutic levels. Rauwolfia vomitoria has a special affinity for endocrine/hormonal tissues while Pao perira attacks all cancer cells, can cross the blood brain barrier and is also a virus inhibitor.

This viral inhibition is important because of our previous discussion about HPV and other possible cancer microbes. There is even a microbial theory of cancer which proposes that microbes get inside healthy cells and thereby cause cancer; when they get inside the cell nucleus their DNA then mixes with the DNA of the cell, which then changes it. According to this theory, killing these microbes sometimes changes the unhealthy cells back to normal, thus stopping cancer in its tracks.

Many large cancer organizations will say that DNA damage causes cancer. Beljanski had found that many carcinogens did not mutate cellular DNA but simply interfered with the process of DNA replication. Therefore his botanical products set out to fix the DNA replication process when it ran amok, as happens with cancer. His botanicals supply limiting “bolt” molecules to the DNA transcription process, which has gone haywire in cancer cells, so these two extracts help stop cancer cells from replicating, while helping to restore DNA to a healthy state.

This approach is entirely different from anything offered by modern oncology and complements approaches such as chemo, surgery and radiation by trying to address the underlying problem. My naturopathic principle is to always attack a health problem using the redundancy of different synergistic approaches, which attack the problem from different angles. One of those unique directions is exactly what we have here, using an entirely non-toxic therapy with proven results.
Working at the level of repairing DNA replication mechanisms, their usage has resulted in many seemingly miraculous cancer cures. While they have often been known to produce cancer cures just on their own, studies have shown that when these botanical extracts are simultaneously coupled with traditional radiation and chemotherapy treatments, they dramatically improve the effectiveness of these mainstream cancer therapies. They reduce the side effects from these treatments and improve their therapeutic results. In some cases cure rates as high as 100% were achieved in animal studies that combined the Beljanski formulas with typical cancer treatments.

Today you can readily buy a combination of these two extracts in a Beljanski formula called “Prostabel.” Prostabel serves as a basic self-help cancer supplement and can be used in conjunction with traditional cancer therapies. In addition to being a way to handle current cases of cancer, it is also used as an ongoing preventative, especially for individuals at high risk. Using Prostabel is as simple as swallowing a few pills at home. That’s how easy it is to incorporate this into any anti-cancer regime.

Beljanksi formulated two other proven products for cancer patients that also enhance the effectiveness of traditional treatments. They are designed to reduce the normal side effects of conventional chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments, and thus are meant to work with these therapies. The first product, called “RealBuild,” is made from the RNA fragments of non-pathogenic bacteria. These RNA primers activate bone marrow stem cells to produce more platelets and white blood cells in the body. The second product, called “Gingko V” extract, is produced from the golden leaf of the resilient and very ancient Ginkgo biloba tree. It protects against the typical harm caused by radiation therapy.

Beljanski developed his RNA fragments product, RealBuild, after noting that cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatment often caused a patent’s level of blood platelets to drop so low that they sometimes bled to death during the course of treatment. While you can usually nutritionally reverse this condition by taking shark alkylglycerols (a simple fact most oncologists don’t know), Beljanski also found that special RNA fragments led to the quick reappearance of new platelets in the blood and reversed low white blood cell counts by replacing those destroyed by chemotherapy. Therefore he developed these into a product for cancer patients.

Nutritionally speaking, to help preserve the bone marrow and its ability to make red and white blood cells, you might consider eating bone marrow soup and special botanicals to support their production. However, a much more reliable strategy is to use RNA fragments to help preserve the process of normal bone marrow cell replication. The result will definitely be a quicker proven increase in platelet and white cell production for cancer patients. This is a product you can definitely take on your own, and will have your doctor scratching his head wondering why your blood work is remaining so good when you are on chemo.

RNA fragments are to be taken when white blood cell and platelet levels fall to reduced levels due to radiation or chemotherapy, and are typically taken the day before any treatments begin. The RNA fragments are powders taken sublingually 2-3 times per week, and you avoid drinking liquids immediately after ingestion.

Black cumin oil (Nigella sativa), which is a Middle Eastern immunostimulant used for thousands of years, has also been discovered to increase bone marrow cells by 250%. Additionally, it has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an extremely inexpensive adjunct to any type of cancer protocol, including chemotherapy, since it also destroys cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth by as much as 50%.

In terms of helping cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, Beljanski also worked to find a formula that might help cancer patients bear its typical side effects. He noted that Ginkgo biloba trees were famously resistant to the radiation damage at the atomic bombing sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He therefore researched the tree’s radiation-protective abilities and then created an extract of the golden (not the more commonly available green) leaves of the Ginkgo tree for those undergoing radiation therapy.

This special Gingko extract (“Gingko V”) helps patients undergoing conventional radiation therapy to avoid radiation burns and severe fibrosis during radiation treatment. It doesn’t have any detrimental side effects and greatly protects and relieves patients from the fibrosis typically induced over time by radiation therapy. If you are already undergoing radiation therapy or you are due to receive it, then you should immediately consider this product. Supplementation of 400 IU/day of vitamin E during radiation therapy (A.C. Grace brand “Unique E”) will also reduce the severity of radiation induced side effects.

All of Beljanski’s products improve clinical outcomes and enable you to continue to use harsh therapies without stopping. They are not damaging, deadly or costly and do not deteriorate anyone’s quality of life. They only improve matters, so what is there to object to?

Each bottle of product naturally has suggested dosages and usage instructions. However, for more information on the Beljanski formulas, such as how to use his products in more complicated protocols, you might care to reference:

The Secret to Long Life in Your DNA: The Beljanski Approach to Cellular Health, Herve Janecek and Monique Beljanski.

Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure, Morton Walker.

The Beljanski Anti-Cancer Remedies: Inside the Double Helix of DNA, Morton Walker and Randall Walker.

Want more information? Pick up a copy of Super Cancer Fighters.



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