How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition

Dear Friend,

The business world is fierce. Only the strongest survive. In this dog-eat-dog world, at times you can even feel your competition's breath at the back of your neck.

They are a nuisance. They steal away your customers and clients. They are a constant hassle that burns at your belly and grinds you down, endlessly torturing you with worries you don't want and keeping you awake at night with frustrations planning your next strategy to deal with them. They are an absolute pain in the as* that costs you time, energy, sales, and money and you wish there was something you could do about it. Something final, something GRAND, something ULTIMATELY POWERFUL that would bring you to an entirely different level of operations where you weren't competing with anyone any more, could PAUSE to take a breather for a change and start floating through life with more CASH and enjoyable flow.

You know that because of competition your business is at stake. Your livelihood is at stake, too, ... your health is at stake and your peace of mind needs a booster. There are loans to be paid, suppliers to placate, employees need to be told what to do, stress has got to be gotten rid of and your customers need to be convinced to stay with you rather than buy what they want elsewhere. You're tired of hearing clients ask for lower prices when you are already doing the best you can and FRANKLY, you know that lower prices aren't going to solve your problems.

You need that ANSWER.


"'Four Letter Words' Ain't Gonna Win You No Business Because What You Really Need Is This 'Three Letter Word' That Will Have You Laughing All the Way to the Bank"

Like all businesses, you want a steadier stream of customers, better CASH FLOW and more profits but you know that even if you service your customers better than your competition, if you don't get your message out there you won't be around for long. The problem is, no one is hearing your message as is, and it might not be the right one in the first place. You need a way to come up with the optimal message that will maximize your profits.

Today it's not the business with the best product or service that WINS, but the business with the best marketing that wins. So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to FIGHT BACK and claim those customers and an easier life that's due you? How can you make your advertising cut through all the chatter?

You need a way to claim "top of the mind" awareness for all those potential customers out there, because you want them to think of you FIRST.

You need a way that you become KNOWN as the only logical, rational, viable choice for supplying your type of goods and services.

You need some way that buys you higher prices and profits without any customer objections.

You need a way to get customers EXCITED about buying from you and forgetful of your competition, something that will weld them to you with a loyalty that cannot be broken.

What you need, my friend, is a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION, a USP.


"Your USP is Like A Maverick 'Pick-Up Line' That Will Have Customers Favoring You Over Everyone Else"

A USP is a marketing concept invented by Rosser Reeves in the 1960's. Reeves, who wrote Reality in Advertising, came to the conclusion that the only way to make customers come to you was to create an advertising message about your product that contained the following three characteristics:

1. Each advertisement must make a proposition to the consumer. Not just words, not just product puffery, not just show-window advertising. Each advertisement must say to each reader: "Buy this product, and you will get this specific benefit."

2. The proposition must be one that the competitor either cannot, or does not offer. It must be unique--either a uniqueness of the brand or a claim not otherwise made in that particular field of advertising.

3. The proposition must be so strong that it can move the mass millions, i.e. pull over new customers to your product.

Reeves used this idea to create unique selling propositions for many consumer products such as Anacin ("The pain relievers doctors recommend most"), M&M candies ("They melt in your mouth, not in your hands"), Colgate ("Cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth"), and Wonder Bread ("Helps build bodies in eight ways"). With the USP, he built those products and companies into billion dollar giants.

The strategy of creating and then sticking to a USP is as powerful today as it was then, and is still used by savvy marketers to build million dollar and billion dollar firms. If you have the right type of USP for your product or service, that type of outcome is not out of reach.

Since that time, the idea of the USP, also known as a unique buying advantage, has slowly expanded beyond its original bounds. Borrowing some of the findings of Doug Hall, we now also know that successful USPs should have the following characteristics:

  • A Big, Overt Promise of BENEFITS for customers who buy the product or service
  • A REAL REASON to BELIEVE that the benefits claim is credible and that customers can TRUST that those promised benefits will actually be delivered
  • A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE to those promised benefits that makes the offering unique and distinguishes the product or service apart from its competitors
  • It should be short, simple, memorable, attention getting, persuasive, motivating and compelling just by its WORDING alone
  • The USP should be an ECONOMICALLY FEASIBLE idea that can sustain a business for at least 5 years or more
  • It should absolutely penetrate the business, by operational design and outward appearance, to lend overall guidance to the idea of customer service and managerial alignment throughout a firm

Federal Express created one of the most famous USPs of all times when it said: "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." When Fred Smith founded Federal Express, there was no such thing as an airfreight package delivery service that could reliably deliver packages overnight in a consistent fashion. Everyone knows FedEx now, but the business of Federal Express is not so much the package delivery business as it is the business of delivering peace of mind. FedEx's customers fear late delivery, so FedEx composed a unique selling proposition that focused on delivering the peace of mind that the package would get there on time.

FedEx grew into the international, multibillion dollar giant it is today because of both its business design and its simple USP that it trumpeted over and over again in its advertising: "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." FedEx so organized its business structure and strategies, hiring, training, tracking capabilities, management rewards, uniforms, corporate communications, delivery methods and facilities ALL around the single promise of making overnight deliveries without fail. FedEx became focused on delivering upon that USP which they had determined was the most attractive one for the package delivery market. FedEx is organized (aligned) around that promised benefit.

Anyone can readily recognize that this USP promises the benefit of overnight delivery for customers. But the real genius of this USP escapes most people, which is the fact that it subtly offers a real credibility for that promise through the words, "positively, absolutely." Without those words, Federal Express's service promise would lose its punch and believability. Those two words telegraph that this company means what it says … it means business … you WILL get your package delivered tomorrow.

Domino's Pizza, on the other hand, also grew into a super successful national franchise -- despite having literally thousands of local competitors all across the country - largely because of a simple business model and a simple USP that also greatly differentiated it from all its competitors. Domino's promised the pizza customer an experience that was rare in the pizza home delivery market. Its USP was "Hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed."

Let's say that one again: "Hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed."

Before Dominos Pizza, your chances of ordering and then promptly receiving a "fresh and hot" pizza were "slim to none" since it usually arrived cold, late, and sticking to the top of its box. Definitely there was room for better pizza service. Dominos knew this, so they came out with their famous unique selling proposition - a true customer buying advantage - and they went national by sticking to their word. If you didn't get your hot pizza on time, you didn't have to pay and so the company organized itself around the promise of fast delivery.

Because most people already knew what pizza tasted like, Dominos didn't promise a tasty pizza or lots of tomato sauce or extra toppings. Dominos stuck to impressing you with one major promise … fast, reliable delivery of a hot pizza.

What was the believability factor to get over the pizza credibility hump? To make its USP believable and entice customers to give them a try, Dominos offered a guarantee. They promised that if your pizza didn't arrive at your door within 30 minutes, you'd get it for free. That one factor differentiated it from everyone else and enabled it to cream all its competition. Other pizza companies now focus on different USPs (Papa John's trumpets, "Better ingredients, better pizza) while Little Caesars promises two pizzas for the price of one), but you can see how powerful a simple idea can be in creating billion dollar monsters. Yes, USPs can take you to become a millionaire and then billionaire, if you hit it right!

"In Less than 2 Hours With Something to Write On and Scratch With, You Can Sculpt A 30-second Killer USP That Will Literally Hypnotize Your Prospects Into Buying From You and Enslave a Generation of Customers for Life. Your Competition Will Think You Have Mastered Mind Control!"

Countless successful large and small businesses, products and services have USPs. It is a critical factor in your ability to compete, survive and THRIVE in business. A well known USP is the key to unlocking your business success, the key to trouncing your competition and separating you from the me-too pack. The question is, how do you ACTUALLY come up with a USP that will do this? How do you actually come up with the words like chocolate that will naturally please, entice and SELL?

In How to Write A Million Dollar USP, you will not learn just one but 10 different ways to come up with a USP. I'm not talking about ten ways such as offering a better guarantee, 24-hour service, larger customer selection ... qualities like that which will set you apart. You'll get a complete list of over four dozen possibilities like that which you can incorporate into your USP, and will see how they can be immediately applied to your business. Those are just components or parts of your USP, but not the way to come up with your USP in the first place.

No, what I'm talking about is the HARDEST part of all in determining a USP -- the very questions you must ask yourself to to find out WHAT BENEFITS you should promise to your customers, HOW to dramatically differentiate yourself from your competitors offering other benefits, how to establish the REASONS WHY customers should believe you and take the risk of buying, and how to position yourself to make them act FAST.

You'll discover 10 simple ways to discover your USP in HOURS without suffering the pain of weeks of searching that cost you heartache and money, and you'll learn how to use your new USP to align your business for maximum success. Following my questions, in some cases you can come up with your USP in less than a hour.

I'm so confident that ALL the information in this book is valuable that I'm not afraid to reveal one or two methods because there's so much more inside. For instance, one of those 10 ways to create a USP is by coming up with a well crafted answer to the following question: "Why should I choose to do business with you versus every other competitive option available, including doing nothing at all or whatever I am doing now?"

Another way is to simply make a competitive comparison with others in your industry and find out what you can offer, that they cannot possibly offer, that will make a real and significant difference in the lives of your customers. But there's a secret as to how you should make this comparison right so that what you come up with is actually relevant to your customers. There are certain NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) phrases you must even ask customers to poll them about what you're planning on doing. Without this information, you're as good as dead with this approach.

There are yet 8 other more powerful ways -- 10 in all and more than any other marketing consultant has ever collected together in one place -- for drafting a USP that can set your business on FIRE, so by the time you have gone through these ten methods you will not only have a killer USP that will skyrocket your sales and make you the supplier, vendor or business of choice, but you'll know how to use your new USP in all your sales and advertising copy.

That's right, because the Millionaire USP Maker Manual teaches you how to "upword" your advertising copy and sales literature with the nuclear power of your USP and emotional voltage that creates a ravenous hunger for your product so that customers cannot help but buy.

Here's the real kicker. You'll also learn how to use that USP, or how to create a new one, to forge a personal Brand Image like an Oprah, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Brain Tracy, Tony Robbins or Johnny Carson. You'll learn how to use it to create a signature file for your emails that brings in business automatically without asking, how to change your letterhead, how to alter your business card, how to change the decor of your office, and how to craft a 15- or 30-second "elevator speech" that naturally sucks in new customers and professional referrals without having to spend time in endless networking activities.


"No Business is Too Old, Too Ordinary, Too Established,
Too Non-descript, Too Lethargic or Too 'Out of Steam' to Draw Life From The New and Amazing 'Million Dollar USP Maker Manual'"

Some people claim that there is nothing special about their business and therefore it's impossible to find any unique advantage they can promote in their ads and marketing.

In How to Write A Million Dollar USP, as one of the 10 ways you'll also learn how to kick your business into a new orbit and clearly distinguish from the other "me too's" and "we also do that's" when you really do only have a generic business. You'll learn how to create the perception of distinction through 3 "preemptive marketing" strategies. Preemptive marketing is the activity of telling customers about all the pains and troubles you take on their behalf even though your competitors take them as well. You'll learn how to say things first, how to establish a product or business name that increases sales, and how to emphasize the fact that in buying from you, YOU become part of the package customers get.

In How to Write A Million Dollar USP, you'll learn how to CHARGE A PREMIUM PRICE for your product or service through 6 different ways that use the power of your USP to put an end lower price negotiations forever. With a USP, you'll actually be able to get a higher price for your services, and will be able to position yourself so that you rest secure during normal business downturns while your competition struggles.

You'll learn why you should never build a business based upon the lowest price USP, and how this strategy may last for awhile but will ultimately doom you to failure.

You'll learn how to UNFAILINGLY uncover the true benefit customers want -- with 100% accuracy -- that attracts them to YOU like bees to honey, and what HOT BUTTON will make you distinctly, uniquely and dramatically different from everyone else so that you're the first person customers turn to when needing your product or service.

You'll learn how to focus your USP with laserlike precision on a target market or niche, and why you're wasting your money if you're trying to be all things to all people, which is the conventional road to ruin. You'll learn how to carve out a marketing niche and how to dominate that niche through a consistently promoted message that penetrates customer minds and blows away lingering sales resistance like a wave of B-52 bombs pummeling down an obstruction.

You'll learn how to grab attention in an EXCITING way, and 16 ways to incorporate emotional voltage and use ACTION verbs in your advertising copy to inflame customer INTEREST and compel them to ACT FAST.

You'll learn Ries and Trout's famous 9 different strategies for differentiating a company, product or service with superior positioning and 5 ways you can even turn an ordinary commodity, like bananas, into a BRAND.

You'll learn 32 little known ways to establish believable proof, credibility and trustworthiness for your claims -- SECRETS the highest paid copywriters keep to themselves -- so that at a moment's notice customers consistently judge you worth the risk of a trial purchase. And you'll learn 10 words you must absolutely avoid in any marketing campaigns or USP formulations, or you'll have defeated all your work.

You'll learn specific strategies for how to pull first time customers over their pre-purchase jitters so that they end up becoming the low cost, loyal customers who keep buying from you again and again.

You'll learn 11 "believable reasons" you can advertise for holding a sale that will have customers rushing through your doors, because without a reason for your sale, your results will usually remain lackluster.

You'll learn of 215 different "marketing weapons" or strategies you can use for getting your USP into the minds of your customers (radio ads, gifts, ezines, videotapes, etc.).

Not only this, but we'll analyze step-by-step the USP of many famous brand name companies, products and services to show you how these lessons apply. Then we'll dissect the USPs of famous service professionals, and then study dozens of examples on how to create a USP for your own situation.

Whether you are an internet marketer, webmaster, plumber, private investigator, dentist, accountant, gardener, flower shop owner, limousine driver, chiropractor, lawyer, doctor, architect, nursery home, jeweler, contractor, dance studio, motivational speaker, business coach, photographer, broker, real estate professional, ... you'll find countless examples of these USPs to study and model. We'll go step by step through ten different ways to arrive at your USP which you can even complete in a hour or so, and be ready for a brand new business turn around on Monday morning.


"The 'Million Dollar USP Maker Manual' Is Exactly What It Says It Is, Not Some 'Hot Words' Fodder From an 'eBook Mill.' Think For A Moment! ...
If A Unique Selling Proposition Has Produced Billion Dollar Results For Some ... What Is the Least It Can Do For You?"

This is the most complete, authoritative, comprehensive and moneymaking book on how to create a USP that you'll ever find. With the right USP, it is no exaggeration that you can become a millionaire by finding that "sweet spot" that literally forces customers to buy from YOU, so that you can sit back and start selling without seeming to do any work at all.

In "How to Write a Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition" you'll also learn how to use your USP to motivate your staff, set standards and acceptable conduct, align your company's operations and establish operational and "image coherence" throughout all your offices and facilities. A powerful USP that hits home can become your very reason for being, your purpose for existence, your motivational impulse and the yardstick by which your company and its employees will be measured. Crafting a powerful USP can not only turn around your personal fortunes by doubling or tripling your sales, but insure your company's survival.

Not only can you use a USP to mop up your competition, but you can use it to create a leaner, meaner, more efficient, more motivated, more exciting, more profitable ... basically a HIGHER AND BETTER business. In fact, if you create your USP in the right way I'll show you, you won't ever be competing against another product, service, business or person again but will only be competing against yourself. You can use it to "kick it up a notch" so that in your NEW POSITION, you're the only one around.

Sound good? It should.

All marketing consultants will agree that coming up with a powerful USP is one of the first and foremost "Top 5" painless actions you can possibly do to TURN your business into a MARKETING SUPERSTAR and give yourself the ultimate unfair competitive advantage. With the right product, business and procedures behind it, it can make people absolute millionaires.

Remember, not only are you going to learn how to create a USP that can bring to life your wildest entrepreneurial dreams, but in "How to Write a Million Dollar USP" you will learn how to create a personal USP and personal brand image, an elevator speech, a sig file and an alignment and measuring mechanism that will help you manage your business.

As a New York marketing consultant I usually charge $350 per hour to develop USPs for website owners, businesses, service professionals, products and services, but my time is limited. Now you can get all my inside information, all my strategies and all my experience at a fraction of the cost -- for only $129 -- and can still call me for help.


“No-Kidding and No Tricks: This 'Million Dollar USP Maker Manual' Comes With A Call-Them-Like-You-See-Them
100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

Your success in using these powerful Unique Selling Proposition secrets is unconditionally guaranteed. Here’s my 100% iron-clad, bullet-proof, no quibbles, no hassles, no problems, money-back guarantee offer:

My Personal 100% No-Hassle Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you order this easy-to-use Millionaire USP self-creation manual, study and go through the exercises, you can’t help but have a USP in one or two hours time, and will definitely profit by it.

Very few of your competitors will know what a USP is and how to use it to create incredibly appealing products and services that scoop off the "cream customers" and literally destroy the competition. You are truly privileged to be getting your hands on this information because through it you can totally dominate your market.

Bill Bodri

Now, is that a great deal for the very one thing that can turn around your business and take sales to a whole new level, or what?

That’s how confident I am that you will find not 5 or 10 or 15 useful pieces of information but dozens and dozens and dozens of nuggets of incredibly useful strategies, tips and pointers within this book for how to set you on the course that will make you a marketing tiger while your competitors remain mice. Just the 215 marketing weapons, 6 ways to charge premium prices, 11 believable reasons you are holding a sale, and 32 credibility factors you can advertise are alone worth ten times the investment in this manual.

What am I saying? They're worth at least 100 times the price of the manual, MINIMUM, because they will bring in more sales IMMEDIATELY. Plus, you'll not only learn how to create a USP for a product, service or your business from this manual, but how to create one for yourself so that you can fashion a personal brand image.

So, what have you got to lose? You can now try out the Million Dollar USP manual yourself and see if it works for you. I'm so confident that this information will totally transform your business into a more profitable, more successful, more fist-over-fist cash-in-hand moneymaking machine, which is why I'm offering such a generous guarantee.

There is no risk on your part at all. The risk is entirely mine.

If the information I give you in “How to Write a Million Dollar USP” doesn’t produce sales and profits for you in the next 30 days then I'm the loser here, not you, because you'll have ALL my strategies, knowledge, inside information, consulting secrets and marketing-management techniques for no cost whatsoever, and if you've been missing a USP until now then you're guaranteed to make money with this material. ... Look here, I'm not talking about simply recovering the cost of a measly $129, but because the information in this manual is so powerful I can guarantee you can be making thousands of times that back in two or three or four months time. I honestly feel it's impossible for you not to profit from this manual, especially because of all the extra copywriting, NLP and management secrets I've thrown into it.


Here’s a Quick Peek Into Just a Few of the Things You’ll Learn By Ordering "How to Write A Million Dollar USP"

  • How to uncover the "Superior Promise" inherent in your product or service that your customers are aching to experience, and the "Ultimate advantage" and emotional benefits you can promise them for interacting with you

  • How to turn product features into benefits through the magic of "which means" phrasing

  • How to create a breakthrough, revolutionary, clear-cut, bold Wow! distinctions so that customers have a reason to buy ONLY FROM YOU instead of from anybody else -- forever!

  • How to become a natural monopoly that can avoid the commodity pricing pressures that end up eventually crushing most businesses (and which cause 80% of businesses to fail within 5 years)

  • How to create a posititive disruption in the marketplace (for you, that is) which will leave your competitors wondering what hit them and scrambling for cover as you start sucking up their customers like a vacuum cleaner on steroids

  • Not one (the only one marketing consultants know), but 3 ways to play the preemptive marketing advantage game and become the only one gobbling up what was previously "fixed" market share in a generic, stable, established industry

  • How to attractively position yourself so that you homestead thecustomer's exact mental real estate that guarantees you "top of the mind" awareness for your goods and services

  • When you should ever alter or change your USP, so that things don't remain static forever, and in what direction you should change to go with the trends

  • Why and how you can create an incredibly appealing value ratio of what customers get to what you charge, which will make your package "chocolately irresistible"

  • The exact words and phrases you must never ever use in any USP, why you should strive to get your USP down to 7 words if you possibly can, how to use the alliterative power of three in marketing copy, and why citing specific numbers in your USP and advertisements can amplify your sales results by manyfold

  • Which customers you should not sell to, and why you shouldn't be trying to appeal to everyone if you want to make more money (Some types of customers and market segments should never be touched even with a 30-foot pole)

  • How just by working on crafting your USP -- in a team or by yourself -- can release a chain reaction of brilliance that will spread throughout your company and all your subsequent marketing efforts

  • How to tap into the main thing that's significant and relevant to customers, and how to uncover your customers' greatest frustration to make it the center point of your business proposal

  • How to perform diplomatic sales scripting tests to increase the value of the words you say to prospects, and increase the number of prospects who "convert" and buy almost as if by magic

  • Since customers are cynical and don't trust nearly anyone anymore, you'll learn how to perfume all your marketing messages with credibility so that there's a real reason to believe you can deliver on your promises -- these 32 secret strategies (more than anyone else has ever put together) are guaranteed to ring up your sales

  • Why you should never champion more than two benefits in a USP, and why promoting too many benefits makes you seem "less believable" in customer eyes ... and will actually decrease your sales !

  • You'll learn how a well thought out guarantee made L.L Bean a billion dollar giant, and how it can revolutionize your results as well

  • While testimonials and endorsements are usually most powerful form of social proof, you'll learn a thousand dollar future pacing NLP sales secret that gets customers to buy when they don't believe that your other customer stories apply to them

  • You'll learn the importance of image coherence so that customers do not make any negative "unconscious parallel assumptions" about your business that cause you to lose clients (like visiting a doctor who has a dirty waiting room and thus leaving because you believe he's unsanitary)

  • How to test your USP in a hundred different ways before committing the big capital to your idea

  • How to use the 80-20 rule to find out what customers really want and then design your business so you get more of the top tier, highest profit, easiest-to-deal-with customers

  • How to conduct advertising campaigns after you've gotten your USP down, and how to avoid wasting money anymore while getting maximum impact for your advertising dollar

  • How to use Chinese strategy to turn your biggest disadvantage into a competitive advantage, reposition your competitors and use a certain type of USP that turns "yin into yang" and defeats any opponent in politics

  • You'll dissect the USPs of famous international products, services and companies such as DeBeers, Maxwell House, Miller Lite, Dominos, Federal Express, Rolls Royce, McDonalds, Burger King, Clairol, and KFC so that you can copy these lessons and use them to BUILD your business in the same way -- going local, regional, statewide, national and then international ALL in proper time!

  • How to create a personal USP for managing your own image and reputation ... the key to always having a job or charging more to clients ... and 4 formulas for creating a personal branding statement and salable distinction in your professional field

  • How to create USPs for cities and towns, events and locations

  • You'll learn the proper way to do networking, with a 30-second elevator speech you'll write yourself using a personal USP, so that other professionals start sending you "endless referrals" without your asking

Why continue to struggle to increase the sales of your products and services without an underlying Unique Selling Proposition? You can immediately end your biggest marketing and advertising hassles when you get your hands on this Million Dollar USP manual, right now and start implementing its instructions.

I've done ALL the work for you in determining what WORKS for your product or business. All you need is this manual, a pencil and paper (using a tape recorder to record your thoughts is even easier), and in one or two hours you'll have the basis of a knock your customers dead, blow your competition away, gold mine unique selling proposition that will establish you on the map!

Order now and start to immediately profit from this millionaire-maker information.

By the way, some other top marketing consultants learned what I was doing with this manual and said I was crazy for revealing all these secrets by which I make my living. They thought I was crazy for telling everything about this numero uno necessity for any successful business venture to compete and thrive. Well, they may well be right. And definitely I will be raising the price shortly after this introduction or even taking this manual off the market altogether when my time frees up from traveling, copywriting and consulting responsibilities as I do charge $350 an hour to create USPs and other money-making systems for clients.

Yet even more important for you to consider, however, is that fact that competitors are making life hard for you RIGHT NOW and that you probably want to get this information first before your competitors do.

To your marketing and management success,

William Bodri

P.S. Having a powerful USP that can put you in a totally different class than your competitors -- so that they don't even matter anymore -- and motivate prospects so that you're the only one they'd ever consider is essential for anyone serious about marketing their business. That's presumably why you're reading this letter, because you already know this TRUTH. I want you to know that the complete private strategies contained within this book cannot be found on the internet, through web articles or in any one publication. Sure you can find a web article or two but not 176 full pages devoted entirely to creating your USP. I promise that you will have everything you need to know to develop your own super successful USP in hours rather than days or weeks, and that'll you'll immediately see your headaches start to go away and your business actually transform itself into an unstoppable "profit monster" when you finally use thisinformation to create a USP that strikes the right chord.

P.P.S Most marketers know just one or at most two ways to create a successful USP, but here you'll be given 10 different ways to uncover the killer customer buying advantage that should permeate all your sales, marketing and advertising materials and over four dozen factors you might consider as critical components of your message. With your USP as the solid foundation for your business, all your advertising and marketing efforts will start costing LESS and start running 10 times smoother and more effectively, at least.

I have exhausted myself getting all this information down on paper for you so that nothing was missed at all, re-typing, editing, re-editing and formatting everything into a PDF manuscript so that you can instantly start profiting from this material – and now this brain dump of the best millionaire-maker USP strategies and information available is yours for only $129. Compared to how much you will make from this information, how much it would cost you to get it elsewhere if you even could, how much you'll continue losing while you don't have it, and how much a consultant would charge to create a USP for you themselves, this is really one of those bargains that shouldn't be missed because the price will definitely be raised soon!

Yes! I want to read "How to Write A Million Dollar USP" online - right now.




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