I Want a Business Education but Not an MBA! What Do I Do?

I have several Masters Degrees, including an MBA from a prestigious top 10 Ivy League university. I've worked at consulting firms, in international trade, on Wall Street, in Engineering, in marketing, Publishing, the Health field, you name it.

Do you know what I tell folks who ask about an MBA? Skip the MBA unless you want to work for a big firm, and need that passport for entrance into that community. Otherwise, you can learn far more that's far more valuable working as an entrepreneur, or for an entrepreneur, and studying direct marketing principles.

Most of the millionaires I know never went to college, let alone got an MBA. They were practical, had no preconceptions and experimented. That's how they got ahead. They were not worried about what people thought. They used what WORKED rather than stuck to theory.

If you want a business education, you need to focus on two things: (1) innovation, creativity, idea generation, process improvement techniques and (2) Sales and Marketing.

So how do you get a great marketing education? Not by MBA schools. By studying Direct Marketing principles, Direct Mail businesses and copywriters. That's how! A few names -- Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Doug Hall and David Ogilvey. Study whatever these guys did.

I can take virtually any bright person and within one year, at a fraction of the expense of an MBA, turn them into an excellent businessperson by teaching them direct marketing lessons. Their businesses, when they apply these techniques, virtually explode.

So how do you get this information on the cheap? How do you learn it? You'll never find it in college, that's for sure.

Go to HardtoFindSeminars.com and look for discounted tapes of expesnive $10K, $20K, and even $50K marketing seminars. You'll be glad you did. They'll teach you what you need to know. The knowledge is in THESE programs, not in the MBA schools.

As for the creativity aspect of business, I could write reams ont hat. I'll leave you with three words: "There's always meditation!"


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