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You want more time to cultivate and practice meditation, but you don't have it.

You don't want to lose your dignity and pride and stoop to "selling" in order that your business runs well, but the world doesn't work that way. You can be the best there is, but if you don't market yourself then no one will find you or come to you and you won't be able to do any good.

Sorry to break the news to you, but that's the way it is. Reality is what it is. We all wish we could just open our doors and the customers would come, but it ain't so. You have to market yourself.

In fact, the BEST product or service doesn't usually win the market share game. He who most often wins is he who markets best.

It's WISDOM to recognize that fact, and it's wisdom to use this game to win more time for yourself so you can cultivate. It's also MERIT-MAKING to help more people by providing more of your product or service and instituting the soul of service in what you do, rather than just scrummaging after profits and having MONEY ON THE MIND. That ideal of rendering service is at the heart of spiritual cultivation and ... Yes, spiritual cultivation applies to whatever you do in regular life. How could it be otherwise? Part of spiritual cultivation is the right livelihood.

Think about selling more of your product or service -- and we're talking about legitimate, non-shoddy stuff here -- this way.

One of the ways to change your fortune, and receive more than you are due in this life from the KARMA of past lives, is to create enough new karma in this life that the results start showing immediately. How do you do that? By offering better SERVICE than your competitors, better GUARANTEES, more VALUE, by satisfying people's desires and needs better and by doing it on such a MASSIVE SCALE that the results cannot help but show in THIS Lifetime.

Make sense?

"Massive scale" means better marketing efforts and since most of us hate marketing, selling and promoting ourselves, that means automatic referral systems so you don't have to ASK for the sale.

Does that sound appealing at all?

When you give people more value for their money, you are helping them and generating merit in return. After all, that's what business is about -- even monks, priests and rabbis need offerings and those offerings come from someone who made money and that money ultimately came from business. Trace it back and no matter how much you may not like business, the whole world needs it and runs on it. It pays the taxes we spend on social welfare projects. It feeds us. It supports us.

Satisfying a customers desires, fulfilling their wants and needs, solving their problems and helping them is a type of merit accumulation that YOU CAN achieve through business. If you institute this sort of SERVICE mentality in your business to make people's lives better, you are also creating a competitive advantage that will help you serve more, make more and therefore receive more money in this very life ... immediate wealth due to the merit of helping more people.

That's one way you can get rich -- not just by charity and offerings, but through service merit in this life by doing things in business for less, giving people more value, offering better service than others, putting yourself second and your customers first. That's the "soul of service."

Consider this.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, architect, fashion designer, nutritionist, or whatever, you have to accept the fact that marketing is part of your business. There is no way around it unless you work for someone else -- some large company or organization -- that does all the marketing and selling for you, but even then it still has to be done.

But there is a way to have business come to you so that you have more free time to do what you love best -- serve people through your chosen occupation. And with more customers coming to you, that extra cash coming in means more money you can spend on charitable causes, or money to hire assistants to do the jobs you hate doing so you can spend the time doing the things you do best and fulfilling your life's calling.

It all comes down to doing better marketing so you can let more people know that you are offering a better deal, and thereby helping them more than others. Part of that is structuring a unique selling proposition, or USP, and we'll speak of that in a later article.

If you are in sales you already know that a "dream situation" is when you have a constant stream of customers or clients coming to you - AUTOMATICALLY - to buy whatever product or service you offer.

But why would customers * automatically * come to you? How can you arrange it so this happens and you have more free time to cultivate because you can stop wasting time having to do marketing?

Because of your advertising, reputation -- and because you have put into place an automatic referral generating system.

You cannot control the "word-of-mouth" buzz about your business, but you can certainly control the number of referrals YOU GET if you set up a standardized referrals system, so that's what this article is all about.

Referral customers are usually the BEST type of customers because they are typically the most reliable, easy to deal with, loyal, easy to negotiate with, lowest cost and most profitable customers there are. They are much more easy to deal with because they are already partially PRE-SOLD. They already know about you and what you have to offer. They come pre-endorsed.

No one likes cold calling, paying advertising costs, or running after prospects who aren't interested in you or your offerings, so the way to free yourself from these headaches is to get your customers to come to you through an automatic, robotlike system that produces predictable results via the laws of averages. That's what an automated referral system does.

ENDORSEMENTS, INCENTIVES and ASKING all work in creating referral customers but in creating an automated referrals system, you have to know how to link these psychological factors together into an automatic, robotlike system that frees up your time and energy.

On top of that, what you want to do is put into place not one or two but SEVERAL simultaneous referral mechanisms -- as many as possible -- that will work on building your business while your energies are applied elsewhere. This advice of putting multiple systems into place reminds me of a millionaire chiropractor that marketing legend Dan Kennedy once interviewed. Dan asked this super successful businessman chiropractor what one method he used to get the majority of his customers and this millionaire chiropractor, who was running several offices, said, "Well, I cannot tell you of just one system I use to get a customer, but I can tell you of 100 systems I use to get one customer."

The moral is, you can and should try to put MULTIPLE systems in use. We don't have space to go into the hundreds of referral systems possible here, so time is best served by me telling you where to find them. You want quick, cheap, EFFECTIVE.

The beauty of referral systems is that they will generate a steady stream of customers coming through your door without your asking so that you preserve your time, energy, money, pride and dignity. Then you can pull some time away from sales calls and marketing concerns and concentrate instead on what you love to do about your job.

Isn't that what you are ultimately after?

Yes, referral systems can ratchet up your SALES and INCOME, but wouldn't it be better if they also free up your time and enjoy life a little more in the process? That's what I want to teach you how to do. You should be spending more time at play or with your family or on vacation. You should be spending more time on life's meaningful activities outside of work that make a difference. I've read multiple studies of terminal patients in hospitals who, when asked what they've regretted most about life always included in the top answers, "I wish I had spent less time at work," "I wish I had spent more time on vacation and doing the things I love," "I wish I had spent more time with my family."

AUTOMATED referral systems will enable you to do that. Honestly. Seriously. Cross my heart. So here's what you do about it.

When I'm doing business consulting for clients, establishing an automated referral system is one of the quickest ways to increase the prospects coming into your door ... and then sales scripting will increase the conversions of leads into actual sales. Over the years I have collected a pretty impressive list of referral systems and cross-promotion methods I have used with clients. All together probably about 300 different referral and cross-promotion systems, so I'm speaking as somewhat of an expert. I have Jay Abraham's "93 Extraordinary Referral Systems" package, Bob Burg's Endless Referrals book (which I highly recommend), and all sorts of other systems I've seen, purchased, read about and tried from a variety of businesses and industries.

From this experience, I want to tell you that there are TWO (2) referral system packages I highly recommend you MUST GET to increase your SALES and business.

Only TWO!

Save your money and forget the Jay Abraham collection of 93 referrals systems. It's about $100+ dollars but I'd pass on it because I didn't find it too useful, and neither have any of my friends. Informative, yes, but not as useful as these others.

Of course, first buy Bob Burg's book, Endless Referrals, on Amazon.com. The end chapters are a little slow, but it has lots of pointers on NETWORKING and getting referrals from other professionals. It is rich on the proper etiquette for obtaining referrals from other professionals, and teaches that you should concentrate on satisfying their needs first. Then you'll get referrals in turn.

Whenever you meet another professional, for instance, Bob suggests you ask them, "How can I know if someone I am talking to is a good prospect for you?" Later you send them a card saying, "It was nice to meet you. If I can ever send someone your way I certainly will." You can also set up a networking club where people cross-refer business to one another, and Bob explains how to do this quite well.

That's the one referrals book I want you to get, but there are TWO packages I want you to consider because Bob Burg's book doesn't go into automatic referral systems. If you are a busy man (or not busy enough), REFERRAL SYSTEMS are what your business needs. In addition to sales scripting with NLP, it's an ethical, automatic, painless way to increase your free time, income and cut most of your selling hassles. Superstar salespeople quickly learn how to use automated referrals systems to become number one producers through referral FRENZIES, which these systems will teach you how to produce.

First there is David Frey's collection of 106 "Instant Referral Systems: Create a Continuous Stream of New Customers Using Proven referral Systems that Run on Autopilot," which you can find at:


Just reading Frey's list of 106 systems will let you realize how many possibilities are out there for putting into place quiet, almost invisible systems that generate sales in the background. David put together a collection of referral systems, with examples, that far outstrips the Jay Abraham package I mentioned earlier in terms of quantity and QUALITY. You can apply David's systems rather easily.

With all respect to Jay Abraham, whose material I love and adore, skip Jay's package and get this package instead because your money will be better spent. Remember, you can find out more about Dave Frey's referral collection at :


A second source you probably are not aware of comes from NLP and marketing consultant Glenn Osborn, who we'll speak more of later because of the NLP sales training materials he produces. Glenn is
a man who has gone to dozen of marketing seminars (Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, etc.), NLP training seminars, copywriting seminars and so on. He's spent a life time interviewing millionaire entrepreneurs, business owners and sales people to find out, "How did you do that? What made it work? Exactly what steps did you follow 1-2-3?"

Glenn has collected dozens of referral systems over the years, only he has specialized in the actual step-by-step, get-it-to-work referral systems that MILLIONAIRE entrepreneurs, business owners and salesmen have used to make their millions. I can even personalize a set of systems like this for your own business.

Glenn's millionaire referral system package, put together from his personal experience and from the contributions of his millionaire mastermind group, is appropriately titled "Don't Buy Million Dollar Referral Systems From Me."

In another article we'll talk about Glenn's Enchanted NLP course, which he tells me is the most profitable course for his clients. That is, it is the one training program he offers that his clients make the most money from, but more on NLP sales scripting later.

Anyway, basically the idea of referral systems is to create an automatic, systemized, dependable, predictable stream of steady customers you can CONTROL so that you become somewhat freed from active marketing duties that eat up your time, energy, money and chip away at your dignity. It's always better, and far more enjoyable, to have customers come to you, and referrals systems do exactly that. They flip it around so that you don't have to go to customers but get them to start coming to you, which means more time for cultivation and other WORTHWHILE pursuits.

Ask many professionals about their major source of business and you'll find many instances in which 50%, 60% or even 90% of the sales comes from referrals, and yet those same professionals have no strategic or systemized way to increase the numbers of those referrals so that they control the fate of their business. If you want to do that, automatic referral systems are the key

Take a look at the following list of referral systems and you'll see plenty of autopilot systems that you can use directly "as is," or adapt for your business to create a continuous stream of new customers at your doors, and all the success that goes along with it.

There will be more cash in your pocket, more time on vacations, less overtime and marketing headaches, fewer wasteful advertising expenses, and just a lot more fun with a whole new, higher class of customers when you get them by referrals.

To learn more, consider these two packages, take them apart, and put several systems in place that will pay for the cost many times over.

Once again, there is David Frey's systems at:


Glenn Osborn's tape set called "Don't Buy Million Dollar Referral Systems from Me" is also really good, so I would order the David Frey set of referral systems and the Glenn Osborn set when you want more, or BOTH together, or just one depending on which one appeals to you most. Glenn's systems collection moves around on the web so youhave to search for it.:

Get them, listen to them, adapt them to your business and watch your income skyrocket, the number of people you serve skyrocket, your fun and free time skyrocket, and then use those extra resources for good deeds and good times.

Whoever said cultivation was divorced from the realm of phenomena. Use your business as a means of spiritual practice. Offer service. The more chances you have to offer service, through more customers served, gives you a chance to create greater merit. Now you know how to increase that number of potential customers.

Here's another bit of advice.

You're reading this article presumably because you want to sell more and increase your income. You're not interested in baloney theories and things that don't work. I also know you hate people trying to sell you stuff because I hate that myself, and even though I'm urging you to buy these collections, this isn't actually a sales letter. It's a letter about getting results and investing in these systems is the BEST WAY to insure you achieve these results in the shortest period of time,with MAXIMUM COMPREHENSION, so that you actually increase your business.

To increase your sales and business, OVERALL there are several KEY skills you should learn or get better at which I'll be teaching you:

1) Create a USP, Unique Selling Proposition, for your business and not only advertise it everywhere, but use it for giving yourself a mission and aligning your business. Part of that USP should include a strong service GUARANTEE and I'll talk of this later.

2) Learn Copywriting and Direct Marketing techniques to improve your ads ad sales letters.

3) Learn Sales Scripting, which is copywriting for the spoken word. NLP Sales Scripting, or sales dialoguing, is what THEWORDSTHATSELL reports are all about but I'll be teaching you some more powerful general methods based on Glenn Osborn's materials.

4) Create and institute a series of automated REFERRAL (networking and cross-promotion) systems, as we're discussing here. At the very minimum, just read these package promotions to get some ideas on what you can do for your own business situation.

5) Lastly, learn how to do marketing Brainstorming Ideation, Testing and follow-up with Automated Systems that incorporate the SOUL OF SERVICE.

Don't learn 1,000 things, but just stick to these and watch things start to ROAR.

If you (1) create a killer USP (2) institute a series of automated REFERRAL systems (3) improve your ads and sales letter with better COPYWRITING and direct marketing skills, and (4) improve your SALES DIALOGUE with proven NLP techniques, (5) learn TESTING for constant improvement as well as customer FOLLOW-UP with AUTOMATED systems that offer SERVICE, in no time you'll end up opening up a second bank account for all the extra loot you start bringing in, and I'll get postcards from you sipping away at champagne on the Riviera or Caribbean or one of my favorites ... scuba diving in Indonesia.

I cannot possibly impart all these MASTERFUL strategies to you in short articles, so I'm simply telling you the best places out there to find whatever missing components you need for SALES SUCCESS. I hate people spending money, which is why I made THEWORDSTHATSELL reports so ridiculously cheap, yet I will recommend that you spend money if your potential return is far more than what you spend, and this is one of those cases.

Don't TRUST me, however, but go look at these packages. I bought them, and they are honestly worthwhile compared to dozens of other referral things I've purchased over the years. They can make you a FORTUNE if you use them, you just need someone like me to tell you that.

Referral systems are a key part of that success and once again, here are the two I want you to check out:

David Frey's collection at:


Glenn Osborn's collection

The best of marketing and management to you,

Bill Bodri



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