April 2, 2009

Seed Dangers

This article proves the point I have stressed many times, that you cannot put the national security issue of seed health in the hands of purely profit seeking companies

Just as the banking industry, in pursuit of profits, has landed us in a mess, the various seed companies will land us all in a state of hunger one day in their “safe” attempts — with no risks because their stance is “scientifically proven” — to control the world food seed supply. Some unforeseen disaster will happen that the old system would have prevented or dampened, but., well, just read and think …

Just ask yourself one question: is it SAFE to put so much power in the hands of a few purely profit seeking companies, who will do everything possible to lock in monopoly profits at the expense of public and national security (while deluding themselves all the while, as did the banks), versus distributed agriculture wherein we have some protection because farmers here and there plant their own varieties of seeds not owned by the Monsantos of the world, etc.

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