April 25, 2010

Get Rid of Bedbugs

Someone who had bedbugs wrote this and sent to me on how he finally got rid of them. Since it might be of use to someone out there, I’m posting it on the web for everyone to make one man’s experience publicly available.

1. diatomaceous earth – WORKED. it scratches the heck out of them and makes them
slow and stupid, it was much easier to kill them, they were not as good about
hiding, and when they would come to bite we could almost always feel them (as
opposed to before, when we could only feel the bite a while after they left) and
it’s pretty dang cheap. it works best combined with deep cleaning.

2. deep cleaning – absolute necessity. Use a vacuum, suck up every little corner
nook and cranny. We found deep cleaning not to be enough by itsself though, there
were just too many areas they could hide in. Get rid of every mattress and couch
they have been in, it’s no use trying to save the furniture. We would put the
diatomaceous earth down, wait a day then vacuum, then put the earth down again and
repeat until they disappeared.

3. pesticides/herbicides – BIG NO. the only one proven to kill them is ddt, which
will also kill you, and is illegal in america.

4. rubbing alcohol to keep them away from things- YEAH RIGHT. they always made it up
anyway. i caught a few and poured rubbing alcohol on them, the next day they were
still fine. doesn’t work

5. not killing them because you are a buddhist and think killing is wrong, even bugs
- and what about the health of your family, (no one with bed bugs gets a good nights
sleep) and the health of your neighbors family? they spread like the plague, they
invade your house and attack, suck your blood all ninja-like in the night when you
can’t see them. 1 female can have 3 hundred babies, who can live up to a year and a
half without eating, waiting for the chance to eat just once and make more babies.
these are not the bugs you gently lay outside, they will come back or they will go
find your neighbor.

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