November 12, 2007

Karma Calculator Getting Started

I’m almost done with the  Karma Calculator website but even though unfinished, orders have already started pouring in.

I started putting up some sample Fortune Readings for people in the news who I randomly chose to investigate since the news was so big. I just sit there, notice someone, and then out of curiosity compute the fortune and see what it has to say, wondering if it will spotlight the big events and issues in the year for that person.

That’s how you know if it will work, for you and I can only know the BIG things that happen in their lives that are big enough to make the news. As to all the other secret things and private, personal incidentals going on in their lives, we have no way to know about them or confirm them. The 3 pages of Karma Calculator readings per year will surely spotlight them, but only they can really know the truth of the information.

For instance Benazir Bhutto  returns to Pakistan and there’s a bomb attempt on her life. Curious, I compute the fortune and there it is – the shocking, frightening affair would quickly settle down and everything will be alright. "In such a year, an official may suffer an evil and treacherous attack, and a scholar has a sign of confusion at first, but success later. A commoner may have lawsuits and loss. An old person will face a life-threatening crisis, and a child will be frightened. As for the seven days, that is the time limit." Yep- (1) treacherous attack on her life, (2) lawsuit she’s getting over (3) life threatening, (4) quickly settles down.

Last week impeachment proceedings were started against Dick Cheney. Let’s see if it’s there in the fortune …"The inferior man is like purslain: he is firmly determined to get rid of him." Yep, those who hate Cheney want to get rid of him, but if Cheney follows the Karma Calculator advice those efforts will come to naught.

Joseph Estrada, ex-President of the Philippines, is arrested for corruption and sentenced to life Imprisonment.. Let’s see if that’s there — yep!  "He may even be imprisoned and sentenced, and there is no hope for him to enjoy a glorious and happy life." That’s rare for the President of a country, and yet the Karma Calculator said it would be so. Amazing. It even talks about his character flaws that came out during the trial and caused his downfall — indulgences and greed. Hmmmmm. This thing is an unbiased, third party, not-to-be-bribed moral commentator. If it says it then it says it — family argument settled.

Britney Spears is in the news, losing her children for her behavior in the home and being publicly reprimanded: "a commoner is not kind at home, and often receives slanders and reproaches." The fortune says the problem for her is lack of obedience (and not believing/listening to what people tell her). The poems, which offer advice for changing the fortune, tell her to stop spending her time in foolish pursuits/activities and exhaust herself to gain nothing. Sounds pretty accurate from what I’m reading in the press as to what she’s spending her time doing. If she followed the advice in the three poems then YES SHE WOULD HAVE CHANGED HER FORTUNE DRAMATICALLY and she still has that chance.

That’s why you want a Karma Calculator Fortune because it tells you how to change your fortune and avoid all this heartache and grief. For Cheney it already gave him the strategy to use. For Britney it tells her she should change her behavior for this year.

Let’s see … Paris Hilton went to jail this year over driving with an expired license. It says she’s frightened to death this year (yes, the prospect of jail did frighten her and she stopped eating in jail because she was frightened people would take pictures of her). So that’s one of the big issues to face this year – a big fright. Says she has no vitality – she stopped eating in jail so her sentence was initially cut short. Says she wins the trust of the townspeople, so she is still popular. Says she will receive "punshment" – in  Chinese culture that means imprisonment and nothing else, and that is what happened this year. Good hit for a socialite!

If she was married it would have been the husband, too. Says relatives and neighbors  will have disasters also, and it seems they’re quite a few of her friends headed for jail this year or other difficult situations as well. As to closer internal family situations and circumstances, we have no idea and no way to tell (except by looking at the Karma Calculator). Says the big problem she suffers from  is lack of self-examination, and with self-examination she could have avoided the whole thing. Good advice for a young girl.

The Karma Calculator is great because unlike other fate forecasting methods, it not only tells you the EVENTS to expect every year, but how to avoid  them or change them. What other method can do that? Actually, we’re all dying to know just that sort of advice to create a better life. We want to know the future, we want to know how to control  it. In these cases I’m citing, I’m just going over the big picture. there are far more details than that, but what do you do in 2 sentences or so…

The Karma Calculatoris designed with  self-cultivation in mind as you are not only told your future, but are told, as a mentor would tell you, how to cultivate yourself ethically and morally….and for financial, family, material, prosperity success as well – even fame if you want it.  You’re also told various strategies as to what to do to handle certain issues, circumstances, challenges, problems, difficulties that arise during the year — good or bad.

It’s a fortune telling system with built-in self-cultivation and self-accomplishment, or life enjoyment advice. If I had only had this when I was younger. As one of the clients wrote me:

"What’s most exciting to me is how I can now see how to handle situations that will come up in my future.  The readings give great advice about what I should do when I have legal troubles, and how to handle situations in my business, and my relationships with family.  Of course I’m excited about the fact that it tells me that the next two years will be VERY good financial years for me, but the most exciting part of the whole thing is that I now feel like I have a reference resource for my future. It’s as if I can now see the choices that will "work" best for me."

Let me check what the fortune said when inexperienced, small time governor Bill Clinton won his first presidency: "He may become famous without taking the imperial examinations, or receive promotion without writing a single word. He may even preside over the writing of the country’s history and institute laws. He has the absolute power to mete out punishments and rewards."

These are writings from 1,000 years ago, and he DID win a position where he would be making history (not writing it like a scholar), writing laws, and be the absolute power in country. Pretty good for an ancient secret Karma Calculator from one thousand years ago, isn’t it?

You can only find it here, only one place in the world where it’s available, at The site is not 100% done, but   you can see samples of the types of Karma Calculator Fortunes you will get at:

How to read a report can be found at:     and

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