August 29, 2007

Z-Health Gets 5 Stars, and the Thumbs Up as an Exercise Plan

When the first Zen master to China, Bodhidharma, observed the monks at Shaolin temple, he found them all weak and unable to defend themselves because of lack of exercise. Thus he taught them tendon stretching exercises, and the beginning of kung-fu. If all you do is meditate, you’ll still have problems if you don’t stretch or exercise, but as we all know, it’s a pain. So what do you do?

I’m always looking for the best of the best, and in terms of a quick exercise plan for joint mobility that will

1) help you eliminate pain and

2) attain full range of motion in ALL your joints, and works your entire body without having you break a sweat

3) which is based on studying the athletic performance of superstar athletes,

4) which only takes 10 minutes per day – incredible but true!!!

5) and basically smoothes the whole chi of your body so that sexual desire will not bother you so much (if you’re cultivating),

I recommend Z-health. In just days you’ll see a tremendous improvement with this 10 minute routine per day that doesn’t involve lifting weights, running or anything more strenuous other than flexing your joints, in a standing position, 3 times each way.

Incredible results. The best of the best. I recommend this for all cultivators, or for parents who want their children to excel in sports. These routines are the basis of Olympic results.

In India we have yoga muscle work. China has Tai chi and kung-fu exercises and its own form of bonesetting. Russia has its own form of exercise yet different than these (see the work of Sonnon and Pavel Tsatsouline). And int he  West we have our own peculiar forms of bodywork (Rolfing, IMT, Barnes method, visceral massage, lymph drainage, strain-counterstrain, etc.) and athletic peak performance studies … and now Zhealth.

If you are a cultivator fighting sexual desire, one of the problems is often that your chi is not evenly balanced or smooth. This can help you eliminate or reduce the problem when it bothers you, and it only takes 10 minutes. Finally, something that can help all the men who write me for advice. For that alone it’s a Godsend, but the results of correcting mobility problems from working at the computer, past accidents and so forth is incredible.

Check it out…


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