August 18, 2007

The Lottery Curse

There’s been a lot written about the "lottery curse" – after winning a large sum of money, people’s lives seem to destruct. In other words, it almost seems that bad fortune follows good.

Now why is that?

Let me first relate what my teacher always says when he sees a foolish couple spending mega-bucks on their wedding: "Those silly people are using up all their good fortune with such extravagance."

Even Oprah says people are going too overboard and should be saving the money rather than spending it (people will listen to Oprah spouting commonsense more so than if I said the same thing or even a sage said it).

You see, in life you have a stock of accumulated good fortune from past lives, and accumulated good fortune from things you do in this life. If you spend it – that’s using it up and less is left. All that’s left is then a relatively larger proportion of bad fortune now that the good fortune is gone. Hence, trouble.

So when someone in this life wins the lottery, which is "spending" their good fortune from past karma since that  merit now expresses itself in their winnings, their stock of good fortune decrease a LOT. They have less good fortune left. AND if in this life they were not doing anything extraordinary to create a new stock of merit (good fortune) in this life to replenish things on a grand scale, then lots of their good fortune was… as my teacher  put it .. used up.

That explains the lottery curse!

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