August 23, 2007

Sikkhism and the 5 Stages of the Meditation Path

I always emphasize that people understand the 5 stages  of the spiritual path, laid out by Nagarjuna and the Madhyamaka school of Buddhism, because without this understanding, I guarantee people have no clue as to the actual target of  spiritual cultivation, the non-denominational stages of the path and how to get there. Most people don’t know that their religious convictions and efforts are virtually useless unless they  fit within the higher stages of this framework.

In  Measuring Meditation and the Stages course I show how this 5 Stages scheme accurately describes the yoga school, Buddhism, Taoism, the esoteric school, Sufi Islam,  certain Christian sects and so forth. Now I can add Sikkhism to the list.

Sikkhism divides the spiritual path into five stages, realms or khands. These are:

1. dharam-khan  (dharma-khanda) – the realm/stage of virtue
2. gyan-khand (jnana-khanda) – the stage of knowledge
3. saram-khand (shrama-khanda) – the stage of effort
4. karam-khand (karma-khanda) – the stage of divine action
5. sac-khand (satya-khanda)- the realm of truth

Our 5 Stages mp3 CD tells more! You need to know these five stages, if nothing else, to make sure you don’t waste any more years of searching, running from teacher to teacher and method to method, without knowing what you’re seeking.

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