August 25, 2007

Rockefeller Spills the Beans on the Grand Plan!

I always teach you to stretch your wisdom muscles and realize how the world really works, rather than simply swallow the hollow words of established powers and talking heads who know nothing, but get paid for making sure you continue in ignorance. Mostly I show you how this applies to the realm of spiritual cultivation, which explains people’s lack of progress even though they want it (othewise why WOULD you continue going to church every Sunday, etc.). However, every now and then I comment on real world affairs just as my own teacher would do in order to teach people and awaken their wisdom. That’s why I encourage people to read and study history.

This video was just sent to me and falls into this category. Boy is it  worth the watch — especially the part about the Rockefellers. Watch the video at the bottom of the page….as the individual wrote who sent it to me, "It’s worth your time."

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This is all 100% true. Just examine the evidence, connect the dots and think for yourself. I’ve known all this for a long time, but have you? If not, where have you been? Understanding such things is the beginning of wisdom. Freedom is what spiritual cultivation is supposed to give you, but how can you get it if …

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