August 21, 2007

Lybrel, the New Birth Control Pill

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has produced a new form of birth control pill that eliminates a woman’s periods. They’ve only tested it for one year, and are ready to roll it out.

Only one year of testing? No known long term side effects????? And you want to sell it already? Has ethics gone out the window or something?

The reason to bring up this birth control pill is because as I always mention, to succeed at the Tao a woman has to meditate to the stage where her period naturally stops, and then she must continue meditating until it starts again. That cessation marks a change in her hormones, and an advanced transformation of jing to chi as she builds her own immortal fetus. Taoism discusses this a lot. It’s called returning to the state of a chaste maiden, or slaying the dragon.

Studies show that two-thirds of women would gladly give up their period. Meditation, with the target of success, is one way to go afterthis target but I’m not sure if this new birth control is.

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