August 31, 2007

Cold Leg Chi

A friend, who cultivates, told me the following story.

He went to China and met an old Taoist in a cave who had him lie down and did something to his body to "help" his cultivation. That night, despite the fact that he was wearing heavy clothes, a coat, and bundled in a warm sleeping bag, his whole body started to shake and he was extremely cold.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Simple," I replied. "The guy helped you open up some the chi mai in your feet, and the cold chi locked up in your legs started to come out. It sometimes happens if you do deep bodywork, or REALLY deep yoga, and used to happen to me when I first started practicing seriously and would sit for hours. Usually several days into that sort of practice, I would spontaneously start to release that trapped cold chi from the legs and I would feel so cold and my teeth would chatter so much that I’d have to climb into bed to stay warm.

My teacher, when it happened, would simply give me some Chinese herbs to help open up the body and help this cold wind escape quicker. Basically they were cold medicine herbs to help drive the wind out of the body, because that’s what this is — wind chi escaping. Sometimes my teeth would shake and chatter uncontrollably for 15 minutes when this happened, and of course it had nothing to do with the weather or sickness. Even if you lived in the desert, this would happen if you finally started to open up some chi channels in your legs. At even a higher stage, you can start to realize chi poisons being extruded out your toes.

Everyone, I mean everyone has this cold chi trapped in their legs without knowing it and you have to get rid of it to transform the body and eliminate the cause of diseases like arthritis or even cancer. That’s why we say that the earliest stages of the spiritual path, regardless  of your meditation method, are to help you transform your chi (qi) and open up your chi channels. You’re trying to transform the physical body and harmonize the five elements. When this phenomenon occurs,  now you know about just one of these transformations."

You see, it’s very hard to open up the chi channels running into the legs. That’s why you rarely see ghosts with feet, because they cannot get the chi to extend all the way to the bottom of the feet. In Taoism it’s well known that you cannot become an immortal unless you open up the chi channels to the bottom of the feet, too. This task is so difficult that one of the holy names for the Buddha has to do with the feet because he has opened them.

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