August 16, 2007

Bishop Urges Christians to Start Calling God by the Name “Allah”

Latest news: Bishop Urges Christians to Call God "Allah"

In order to  reduce tensions between Christians and Moslems, a Bishop has suggested Christians call God "Allah."

Let’s put aside the issue whether this is good or bad. On that I have no comment. But consider the accurate point the Bishop does make — if it IS the same original entity, the name does refer to the same thing.

Of course, as I’ve alwasy pointed out, when people say "God" they’re thinking of a person-type being or individual God with a personality, as on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. When they say "Allah" they’re thinking of a being, a god, a living-breathing (so-to-speak) entity as well. Your first gut reaction to the Bishops remarks, if anything negative, was probably proof you’ve already locked on to  this notion in your mind. That’s one reason behind religious wars and  fighting — both sides are thinking of entity-beings and saying "your God is not my God." 

As the saints, sages, gurus, and so forth  say — those with either the Tao (enlightenment) or high samadhi attainments — the original nature is not a being, but is beyond both being and non-being, existence and non-existence. In spiritual cultivation, you try to reach realization of THAT original nature. If you hold an image in your mind, however, that’s already wrong.



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