July 19, 2007

A Mantra for Better Memory from Shingon

Kukai, the great master of Shingon, which is the Japanese esoteric school, used to recite the following mantra over and over again to help with his memory. Many attribute his great genius to his constant repetition (over a 1,000,000 times every 100 days) of this mantra:

"Namo Âkâsagarbhaya om ârya kamari mauli svâhâ."

Why not try it and see the result? That’s how you work with mantras…approach them with reverence, respect and discipline in application, and the results come.

The meaning of this mantra can roughly be translated as ‘Hail to the Empty Space Treasury," and we have just covered the meditation techniques for the infinite space samadhi (formless absorption) in another blog post in case you missed it.

As to other means for helping the memory as you get older, I could go into lots of nutritional supplements, especially PS (phosphatidyl serine) and PhosChol, but I’m excited about a website I’ve just found offering a variety of anti-aging supplements and pharmaceuticals along these lines. You might find something of use to family members, or yourself, at Anti-Aging Systems

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