"Who Else Has Ever Wondered About the Meaning of Those Strange Western Medieval Alchemy Texts, and Whether They Ever Contained Anything Useful in Terms of Spiritual Cultivation or Were Just Another Load of Fictitious Trash?"

I want to tell you a little story...

When I was much younger I used to investigate all sorts of esoteric topics at the local library and in small bookstores. Pyramids, dowsing, crystals, UFOs, ghosts, Rosicrucians, cosmic consciousness, mind power, mystery religions,... you name it. Later I came upon "complete Western systems" that I could devour, such as Edgar Cayce material, Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy and so on. As a young boy -- even twelve years old -- I was spending my mow-the-lawn money, paper route money and my allowance mostly on books dealing with all sorts of paranormal phenomena and their Western explanations.

Remember, this was nearly 40 years ago before Eastern texts on Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, or even Tibetan cultivation were widely available to the West, and names like Thomas Cleary, Charles Luk, Eva Wong and so forth were non-existent. People today don't realize how lucky they are even to have yoga texts available, because back then there was hardly anything useful at all in English print.

Since those early days, I've spent a good deal of my life linking together all the various genuine cultivation traditions out there (and I say "genuine" because there are some religions that were founded as fakes) via the descriptive schemes they have used for the spiritual kung-fu of the path. I've put together quite a few books that delineate the various stages of the spiritual experience using reference schemes from ALL the major religions, and which cross correlate these descriptions to show that everyone is talking about the same levels of kung-fu (at least on the lowest stages of the spiritual path, because some religions proceed higher than others on the way of full enlightenment).

The only thing that was missing from these books was a detailed reference to Western alchemy.

That is, until now...

In the early 1990's I found a collection of old alchemy prints, called The Golden Game, and inside this collection of prints I found a reprint of the Atalanta Fugiens, by medieval alchemist Michael Maier. You can download a free ebook pdf file to see these prints below, and please do pass it on to to others. It's free! Dare them, just dare them to see if they can figure out the meaning of even just half of the 50 emblems shown:

Michael Maier - Atalanta Fugiens prints on Medieval Alchemy

Now with one glance at first seeing Alchemist Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens, I recognized quite a few of the genuine stages of spiritual transformation in this work, and knew that this was a real cultivation book unlike most of the other Western alchemy works you usually find. I therefore then asked Master Nan Huai-chin if he would explain what the meaning of these prints to show how Western alchemists discovered the very same cultivation principles as discovered in the East, only in this case Master Nan's explanations literally blew me away. Using principles from Taoism, Buddhism, yoga and so forth ... which sometimes used the very same symbols and allegories as Western alchemists, he explained what the meaning of these pictures were just from glancing at them and hearing the few words of the text.

I don't have to tell you that what he revealed simply blows away any of the explanations propounded by the intellectuals, scholars and academics over the years who have offered opinions but who have absolutely no cultivation kung-fu achievement levels whatsoever.

So who you gonna trust?

Many of these folks will actually be delighted at his set of revelations and I predict that others will be livid with anger because they reveal that their own explanations have been wrong all these years.

All of Master Nan's works tend to do that...

Go ahead, download the free ebook, and see if you can guess the meaning of even 20 of these prints?

Bet you can't ... bet you, bet you, bet you !

Now what I've done is take this a step further and turn those lessons by Master Nan (a Zen-Taoist-Esoteric school master) into a set of cassette tapes that explain the prints (called emblems) and their meanings so that you can listen to the tapes and look at the prints at the same time.

Frankly, this is much better and quicker than taking one or two years to produce a specialize ebook on the topic, and because it's in cassette tape format I can squeeze in ALL sorts of teachings on Buddhism, Taoism, Tibetan Tantra, yoga, the five elements transformations and so on that's you'd never see me write in print ... and that's EXACTLY what I did. If you think you know spiritual cultivation from reading our other works, guess again as we go into all sorts of unusual teachings on kung-fu and cultivating the purification stages of transformation in these tapes.

I'm now offering the Atalanta Fugiens Teachings in a set of 4 one-hour cassette tapes, but THERE'S A CATCH... I will not do this for too long because it entails a lot of trouble on this end to duplicate and mail out the tapes. So if you want them you better decide quickly and ACT QUICKLY because selling cassette products is something I only do for a short time each year, and then who knows if I'll ever do it again -- yes, I do stop selling products and withdraw them fromt he market. Come November 17, when this two week period ends, you can buy them no more.

Why is it that I'm not interested in offering these things full time? It's due to the following reasons

  • I don't like wasting my valuable time sitting there in front of a duplicating machine making copies of tapes, and since the demand is so low for this type of specialized product, there isn't enough money in it to hire an assistant or tape duplication company to handle all this nuisance work. That means that if you want to get copies of this, you better do so before I just say "the heck with it" because I have better things to do and it just isn't worth it. That's a distinct possibility because convenience is high on my list of life priorities, and producing these is an BIG inconvenience.
  • If you don't think I'm serious, you have to know that I also don't have a car and don't like taking a half hour walking to the post office and then standing in line for another half hour or more to mail packages. You don't either, I'm sure. I predict I will quickly tire of this after I've sent a few cassette sets out to those who really want the information and when I do, you can kiss goodbye your chances of getting me to do this for you. As long as I get the info out to those who really want to know -- since they're the ones who act quickly -- I can then close up the project and say I did it because I'm a one man shop and just don't have the time to be servicing these things.
  • I frequently go away on trips to Asia at which time I must, by law, stop taking orders because while I'm away there's no one to fulfill them. That's one of the reasons why I only produce ebooks, because they can be distributed while I'm away but paperbacks cannot (not to mention the troubles of inventory storage and printing costs for paperbacks and so on ... consider yourself lucky you even get these materials). So whether or not Bill wants to be bothered with all the trouble of producing tape sets again after he comes back from his next trip is not a risk I'd take if I really want the information.

So that's it in a nutshell.

Priceless information. Rare information. Explanations that enlighten an entirely new field of spiritual cultivation held in the dark for ages, which you probably haven't been heavily exposed to. These are explanations (such in most alchemy texts that the metal lead stands for chi because it's shiny while mercury stands for thoughts/the mind because it scatters) which will probably gladden or alternatively piss off a whole bunch of scholars as the veils are removed from this entire set of western cultivation practices (they should start meditating and achieve some kung-fu themselves in order to interpret these prints).

There are things in this tape set you have never heard before even if you've read all our books, and I mean this is detailed, dense, non-trivial, no-fluff expositive revealing factual information. As you know, our books are not made out of New Age fluff and these internal alchemy cassette teachings are even denser than our regular books with their rare information, especially regarding the beginning purificatory stages of the cultivation path, which is probably the stage where you are at! In fact, these Teachings on Western Alchemy give me a chance to go over basic Buddhist, Taoist, yoga and Esoteric school teachings you aren't aware of, and if you really think you know Taoism and internal alchemy, think again. I've read alchemy texts for decades, and these explanations by Master Nan will blow you away.

There you have it. Order soon because producing these tapes sets is a pain and I may not make this offer again, but I do guarantee I'll do it until November 17.


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