The Anapana and Chi Conversations
of Nan Huai-Chin and Peter Senge

Special Report


Imagine if a best selling author and scientist sat down with a world renowned Esoteric, Zen and Taoist master who has been dealing with modern scientists, businessmen, literary figures and cultivation students for years, and knows how to talk in countless scientific fields. What would they say if the conversation turned to Chi and Anapana, or pranayama meditation and breathing practices?

That's exactly what you'll find in this set of conversations between Zen Master Nan Huai-Chin and Professor Peter Senge of MIT. Recorded over a period of months between 2003 and 2005, these conversations center on all sorts of chi-based phenomena and the cultivation practice of following your breathing and cultivating one's chi to attain spiritual progress.

The conversation ranges through a variety of humanistic, cultural, political, business and historical topics as well as cultivation subjects dealing with the Consciousness-Only School of cultivation, how to realize enlightenment at the moment of letting go, the five elements, Anapana breathing practices, using the state of Xi when the breathing stops in meditation to attain samadhi, the proper way of watching the breath, how chi and mind are linked, natal breathing, whether mind moves chi or chi moves mind, the Six Healing Sounds of Taoism, the 34 types of sensations felt in meditation, the five skandhas, the chi flows responsible for the growth of a human fetus, the I-Ching and predicting the future, the novel "Journey to the West" and how it reveals cultivation truths, errant men of business, the mistakes of present day cognitive science, the five aggregates (skandhas), the intermediate body, testing people who have attained dhyana, Sustaining Chi, Reward Body Chi, Seed Chi, the Kagyu lineage and its focus on breathing methods to transform the chi channels, the Taoist sequences of spiritual transformation, Primordial Chi, the purpose of the life sciences, the Sixth consciousness, and more.

If you're a person who has done any sort of breathing practice in the path, such a yogic pranayama, counting of the breathings, anapana, the 9-bottled wind, and various Taoist breathing techniques, this series of lecture conversations contains the secrets you've been missing to round out your understanding of pranayama and anapana techniques and to help take your practice get to the next level.



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